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  • The chance to get a blab is less than 1/5th the chance to get a Sweet... Unless it's from Force The Hand of Fate. 10% of backfires are blabs, but the backfires are bad 98% of the time anyway. And like 1.3% blab chance on success, which is roughly o…
  • I feel like once, my mature JQB seemed to be lowering the elderwort effect, but last time I looked at my almost-ripe JQB and it still said "aging multiplier:119%" just like it does on any spot surrounded by 8 mature elderworts. However, I've defini…
  • Probably because the grimoire isn't literally just a timer. It's a slowly incrementing bank like your cookies. It's not just "in 3 minutes you may cast a new spell". Although it's unfortunate, yeah. Since browsers throttle inactive tabs, it's best …
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 31
  • Wheat slims have only a tenth the chance of elderworts to drop, so it can take awhile... oomph. Same chance as spawning a juicy queenbeet, to put it one way.
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 30
  • Probably just bad luck. Shimmerlilies don't give you more goldens compared to wrath cookies either, it just reduces the time between spawns. I hear those effects don't even work at -all- when a wrath cookie spawns instead, but I wouldn't know for su…
  • You don't have to re-unlock the plant upgrades, you have them forever.
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 29
  • My method for those was to sell buildings to micromanage heavenly chip gain. Just keep slowing it down as you satisfy more digits until you get down to one chip at a time. Good luck! And yes, this is because of your offline production upgrades- you…
  • It sounds like the idea here is, you can only save by going to the ascension screen, and you can only actually "load" the save by "descending" back at massively reduced cps. Having the "only have x% cps after returning" upgrades sounds... bad, since…
  • Honestly, if there was a tweak for the garden to make the very slow growing plants less rng-based, there's no reason not to make it the standard. It's not strictly a buff, it nerfs scumming, and it doesn't even affect plants that don't have huge lif…
  • freezing the garden overnight to make sure nothing untoward happened while I was asleep. That's the best time to do it for non-scumming, though! :D Wood chip queenbeets planted right before sleep should be just finishing when you wake up. Right b…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 27
  • Some bonuses don't contribute towards getting the achievement, e.g. activating the Golden Switch doesn't seem to help, growing whiskerblooms in the farm doesn't seem to help, etc. It's just confusing.
  • Elderwort is fine for if you're just gonna idle the garden for a day for whatever reason (busy, don't feel like playing, etc), but even a full elderwort surrounding will only boost aging by like 19%. So, going full speed ahead on whatever cookie pro…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 24
  • Holy crap, that's some awful luck. You're swapping to wood chips first, right? Still, with odds this low, it's always possible to get some really bad rng. Although yeah, I'm not intentionally going in for 15+ minutes of reloading straight (not coun…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 23
  • It can be a little frustrating with Juicy Queenbeets because it can take ~40 reloads, but each time you refresh the page your garden ages differently. It's more obvious with more likely mutations, like if you have bakers wheat lying around.
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 23
  • Basically, all plants have a lifespan of 100 (probably due to how he coded the display?), so ones that live longer just age slower. They can't age by a fraction of 1, so if their average growth is 0.3 (Everdaisy), they just have a 30% chance to grow…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 21
  • The plants with mega-long lifespans only have a -chance- to grow per tick. (I argued otherwise before but was proven wrong) The average lifespan is still correct, but RNG can be crueler than usual, since bad rolls are 0 growth instead of less growth…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 21
  • You can earn back your seeds from Garden Sacrifice very quickly this way, allowing you to earn like 16 lumps every 3 days (3 JQBs, 10 sacrifice, 3 the usual way) but it still takes quite a bit of effort to tend to the garden that much. I've done it …
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 21
  • Correct.
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 21
  • Yeah, Orteil's said he hopes to put in a lot more minigames in the future. Farm is already keeping late game more interesting with the ENORMOUS payouts on stacked frenzy plant harvests, but it can only get better from here. It looks like heavenly …
  • I mean, when you're reload scumming with 4 viable JQB spaces, it doesn't usually take long. But for each space you fill up, it's a lot less likely to get the next one. The 4th isn't worth it, imo. 2~3 is reasonable. Even if you don't reload scum, t…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 21
  • Good to know, it can take me over an hour to find an elder frenzy the normal way, sometimes... I'll keep on clicking those backfires!
  • I don't have 4 JQBs because it's not that unlikely for it to take literally 15 minutes of pressing f5 to get the 4th one to occur. It takes long enough to savescum three of them, depending on luck. @[email protected] (I've already had it take over 5 minutes straig…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 21
  • Urgh, my duketater setup didn't go... amazingly. I left 10 copies of the tab open when I went to work, and when I got back there was only a couple worthwhile ones, the best being 20 mature duketaters. That's slightly better than what you can get in …
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 21
  • Bakeberries work fine! Unless you want to unlock the garden without any advice, queenbeets are simple to unlock from there, too.
  • well, YOU'RE NOT WRONG... but you may as well just cheat in infinite cookies at that point :V I'm pretty surprised orteil didn't patch that out already, he commented on a reddit post about it weeks ago
  • I ran the numbers once and glovemorel cps penalty actually makes it nearly identical to thumbcorn, except with massive rng growth pains that makes it annoying and sometimes worse. Hopefully it gets buffed someday, tho', since it's clearly intended t…
  • I've never seen elder frenzy off Hand of Fate. Maybe if it's like a 2% chance though, I did get cursed finger off the backfire -once-. (I check them since it's like 1/300 Sweet chance, which isn't too infinitely abysmal... XD)
  • Although really, your best bet is using godmazok and stacking other effects for a realllllly strong Click Frenzy. Then plant costs will be fairly trivial compared to your bank. (also, you get cookies, even if it's a tiny fraction of what bakeberry/q…
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 18
  • Wrath cookies are skruuia, not vomitrax, but skruuia is a good bet if you're trying to get rusts and curses for super cheap plants.
    in Garden minigame Comment by Tumalu May 18
  • Yeah, that was an inspiration. I'd enjoy that too!