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  • KhalidPlays
    wait your birthday is april 22nd...
    and you were born on 2001
    this is the release date of shrek...
    shrek was released on April 22, 2001
    your birthday was April 22, 2001

    May 22
  • Today is my birthday.

    I am now 16 years old.
    April 22

  • Oh my.
    April 15
    • Jarr2003
      Looks like they're going to have a lot more action in this one, which will be great if it's even half as good as Rogue One's action scenes.
    • Gouchnox
      Okay round table questions time:
      - Given the Rogue One trailer, how many of these images aren't actually from the movie?
      - Given the first image of the trailer, is there really no hope for a movie without the lead character being a poorly-acting Mary Sue?
      - Can we hope for a movie that's not as bad as episode seven?
      - Does anyone still believe this franchise is alive?
      - Does anyone still believe they're gonna get original plotlines from this film?
    • Jarr2003
      @Gouchnox Star Wars is one of the most famous franchises there is. Asking whether or not anyone still believes the Star Wars franchise is alive is like asking someone if they believe ice is frozen water. The franchise, while it may not be currently in it's prime, is still going strong to this day. Them making new movies is alone enough to say that it's alive.

      As for the original plotlines bit, we can hope. While the trailer gives the impression that it may be following a structure similar to episode 5 (with Rey replacing Luke and Luke replacing Yoda), they could very well use it to their advantage to create an interesting plot. The part in particular when Luke says that it's time for the jedi to end could be used greatly to the movie's advantage. There's a lot they could do with that concept if done right. It's possible they're just retread episode 5, but I think it's too early to abandon hopes of an original story.
    • Brainstorm
      But ice-cream is frozen fruit juice
    • Gouchnox
      What I mean by that is: does anyone still think Star Wars is anything beyond a couple filmakers working the corpse of what used to be Star Wars by shoving their hands up its ass and making it talk like a puppet?
      I mean, call me crazy but when you have to specify that something is the original, it hints at the existence of way too many copies and reboots....
      I'm not trying to sound like the OG starwars fan because I'm not a huge fan and I definitely was born too late for that, but I mean does anyone really think this is anything but a complete 180 from the original movies?
    • idc
      Did anyone think it would be anything else when the D word bought it?
    • Jarr2003
      @Gouchnox Star Wars has always been like that, though. Maybe it's not as popular in France, but in America, Star Wars has always been a massive cash cow from the beginning. The Star Wars universe has always been constantly expanded through massive amounts of different books, stories and video games (along with the now extremely infamous Star Wars Christmas Special), and while most of that was made non-canon with the new movies being released, I'm sure that when this trilogy is done, there will be plenty of new stories written for Star Wars. Just look at how the prequels went. Everybody hates them, yet the prequels set a large foundation for the universe prior to the original trilogy. That led to tons of people writing various different stories and massively expanded the universe. Assuming that there isn't another trilogy in the future (which could happen, who knows), chances are writers will readily begin expanding the Star Wars universe again.
    • adam_antichrist
      George Lucas is no longer involved, therefore the films can be good.
    • TheKnifer
      wtf did you just say.
    • Jarr2003
      @Knifer For once, I actually agree with Adam. George Lucas, while he may be good in other areas, is a horrible director. Part of the reason why the original trilogy was good and didn't end up like the prequels was because George Lucas had only so much control over the movies. He needed people to hold him back.

      When the prequels were being made, nobody wanted to hold back the creator of Star Wars, which directly led to their failure. George Lucas was directly responsible for Jar Jar's existence, as well.
    • Vini
      @insertJarJar2003jokehere The only bad thing that happened in the prequels involving Jar Jar is his not having as much screen time as originally planed.
      I'm not even kidding, there's a... Know what, I'll just link the theory and let you draw your own conclusions.
  • That moment when you:

    -Still don't have an OC who represents your DashNet account
    -Realize that you didn't do a Looking Back thread for 2015 or 2016
    -Remember that your 16th birthday is on April 22 (which happens to be the same day @Tellurium made his DashNet account)
    -Want to be more active but have nothing good to say

    tl;dr pls halp
    April 14
    • Carmory
      i just gave up and became the voice
    • Darkу
      I'm just myself
    • Tellurium
      I haven't even been actually active here since 2015 NotLikeThis
      Time to start updating WD again!!!
    • RedCookie6666
      @Luri: ...Is that last part a joke? I feel like it's a joke.

      But if you're sincerely going to resume development of WD... well, best of luck to you.
    • Tellurium
      Yes it's a joke :P
      I am currently learning programming in the hopes to make a game, but not an idle game (however it may have some callbacks to WD).
    • Brainstorm
      So you will basically be like me, but maybe a bit less successful

      *sobs in the back of a chair*
    • idc
      This is my OC and I drawed it myself.