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Cookiewoodstock ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Here's me, feel free to disagree this post and tell me I suck in the activity comments to farm the respect of other users.


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  • Camwood7
    I was told I'd be unbanned on this account if I didn't do anything wrong on this one for 3 months (at least, I think that was the case), and it's been 4.5 months.

    Since we only have Zuptin, Zuptin pls. Don't make me get the beekeeper.
    June 18
    • Brainstorm
      Actually, you are allowed to keep your current account if you didn't do anything wrong, I believe that's the rule.
  • silentsomersault

    Imagine a power that can burn users, raise walls, even create memes. As with all powers, polls have been corrupted, misused and twisted. But if I told you I found a way to start over, to restore their perfection, to cleanse our sins, the only cost would be to reset, to erase the billions of corrupted souls in the galaxy.

    Will you follow me?
    May 27
    • Jarr2003
      Confirmed DiLK alt
    • Jarr2003
      NVM, forgot you already confirmed that
    • Lefian
  • ExplodingCamel
    why is he banned
    March 23
    • DoomlordKravoka
    • Carmory
      He had multiple mental breakdowns and forced it onto us, creating drama.
    • ExplodingCamel
      can somebody write a long as paragraph because this is really confusing and why was chisako so clear as to how cws would never be unbanned
    • ¤RunninginReverse¤
      So, Cam went into severe depression mode...An argument started that I tried to back away from, just preferring to try to be as good a friend as I could be for Cam in a PM...

      People blew up on both sides(figuratively), and it ended with Cam being banned...

      I didn't really keep up with it, though.

      He came back as Camwood7 after, but he hasn't been online lately. Been busy with other things, apparently. I talked to him very briefly on Reddit.
    • Anon9mous
      Yeah... ...It's because of me that that happened.

      For the past year or so, he's been... Well, really ignorant of me. Y'know, the never really messaging at all when you used to be able to be talked to frequently kind of thing.

      It was taking a toll on me, more and more... I don't know if I gained this because of that, or if I just discovered it because of this, but I'm just incredibly sensitive to feeling insignificant, unwanted, forgotten, abandoned... That kind of stuff.

      We got into a fight around once every month, like clockwork. Same things would happen: Lots of bad feelings, him doing his spazziness and feeling a lot of regret(?), and stuff like that. Same over here.

      As the time went on, the fights would get worse, as he would promise the same things over and over and over again, and just never fulfill any of them, ever. Never lasted a single day, his promises.

      It got bad enough that a huge fight erupted out. Actually broke up an entire chat group.

      There was also a time that he was super hypocritical, lashing out at a good friend that had been there for me a lot because he thought that he wasn't talking to me (when said friend talks to me all of the time, and even got me out of another slump).
    • Anon9mous
      If I remember correctly, him getting ridiculously agitated on here has at some times correlated with our fights. The fight that got him banned on here was because of a fight we had. That was the most recent fight.

      It's just...

      We used to talk all of the time... And he suddenly stops, and only sends a trivial amount of messages once every at least three days (with my poking, of course).

      After a recent slump, I decided on Skype that I'd stop messaging anyone that needed to be prompted first. That pretty much directly translates into the fact that only three or so people on there actually talk to me now. That was two and a half weeks ago. Definitely not coincidentally, he stopped talking to me two and a half weeks ago.

      ...I swear, it's like he either constantly forgets that I exist, or that he's been hiding the fact that he just doesn't care about me anymore for over a year (which has kind of shone through sometimes, if you ask me).

      If a month has passed and he hasn't messaged me yet out of his own initiative, I'll just simply send him a message telling him just how badly he's screwed up this entire time, probably some more insulting stuff, and then I'll just officially drop the friendship.

      I'm tired of his games.
    • Palutena
    • Anon9mous
      I've been unsure if I should've shared this until now.

      I'm sorry.

      A lot of the issues with him were indirectly caused by me...

      ...I've just wanted my friend back...

      ...But he just seems to have either forgotten that I exist or he just doesn't care about me...
    • Anon9mous
      I just hope that, if he somehow does come back, that it isn't because of him seeing this, or if it's just Autumn messaging him...

      I've done a rather good job at hiding the conditions of the ultimatum until now...