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What do you do while the game is running?



  • HessenHessen Posts: 35Member
    I play minesweeper. It doesn't require much attention so I don't miss any golden cookies.
  • LegendenLegenden Posts: 31Member ✭✭
    I have CC open when my cmputer is on and do lots of other things all the time.
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  • BlueSwagBlueSwag Posts: 44Member
    I bake Snickerdoodles on weekdays
    and Stroopwafels on weekends
    "Do you click the cookie or does the cookie click you?"
  • cilibinariicilibinarii Posts: 1Member
    edited September 2013
    I frantically stalk /ccg/ and the cookieclicker subreddit.

    Actually, I just do what I normally do and leave cookie clicker in a tiny window on the side to see when golden cookies pop up.
  • ISibboIISibboI Posts: 2Member
    I study the code to find out what variables I need to change to get the next achievment.
  • Hamuka_KongHamuka_Kong Posts: 13Member
    Play other games on the web (Mostly on Kongregate, thus my username), check forums, twiddle thumbs. That's all.
  • Chuck_NorrisChuck_Norris Posts: 4Member
    I donate blood, but not my blood.
    I don't mean to brag, but I get my toast out of the toaster with a fork.
  • ExoticNutsExoticNuts Posts: 7Member
    Play games, watch movies, edit stupid videos
  • ThisIsntSpartaThisIsntSparta Posts: 2Member
    Ignore my computer while it runs, sleep, watch tv, do something else on the computer go outside and run errands...I try to remember to look at it periodically.
  • SkambrentSkambrent Posts: 10Member ✭✭
    I have a laptop, so I can't leave it running 24/7 (don't want it to overheat and burn out like my last one did). So, I typically have it open the entire time that I'm awake. Sometimes I play other games, but usually I'm working on classwork or writing - with one eye on the screen to click golden cookies :3
  • bryfurybryfury Posts: 135Member ✭✭
    i play cookie clicker on my laptop, this way, i can be in class, with the laptop open, i pay attention and everything so i dont miss details, and when the golden cookie appears, blam i click it, and start clicking like an idiot for a while, then i go back to the class, it's funny, because sometimes, people look at me in a silly way...

    one day, i was playing cookie clicker while on class, and i bought some cookies to eat, and this guy was next to me asking about the game and stuff, i offered a cookie to him, and before giving him the cookie, i started touvhing it many times, simulating the game, and him and everyone behind me laughed XD it was too funny :P

    ok, back to class! ^^
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  • weikiat82weikiat82 Posts: 5Member
    edited September 2013
    Sleep, usually. Also, homework, other games, reddit, meals etc.
  • DogeDoge Posts: 101Member ✭✭
    Doge tumblr mostly
    Simple Doge who like cookie clicker
    "A nice doge to bake more cookies"
  • Cookie_ClickerCookie_Clicker Posts: 151Member ✭✭
    I go to this forum
  • bram13bram13 Posts: 14Member
    whatever cookie_clicker said
  • SymboSymbo Posts: 4Member

    I donate blood, but not my blood.

    Chuck Norris can cut through a hot knife with butter

  • trollmylovetrollmylove Posts: 16Member
    stuff. best way i can put it.
  • neanea Posts: 70Member
    Youtube, tumblr or anything else.
    so exciting right
  • i play LoL too
    I am Teemo. Fear me.
  • Discord_SparkleDiscord_Sparkle Posts: 36Member
    I skype and watch the GameFAQs character battle happen, also I guess now I go here
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  • BobBob Posts: 283Member ✭✭
    I browse the forums. And I also work on my own website that I have. That's about it though.

    Oh, I celebrated my birthday today as well. Got lots of cookies during that. (None in real life though. :( )
  • KittyKitty Posts: 180Member
    Everything, because I leave it running 24/7. But while I'm on the computer: Skype, YouTube, Twitch, Minecraft, other sites, other games, anything that doesn't overload my dying laptop.
    (^・ω・^ )ノimage
  • KixurKixur Posts: 13Member
    Roleplay, eat, sleep, bathe, watch videos, check Tumblr, talk to friends... pretty much everything. I don't really turn it off.
  • UkimoniUkimoni Posts: 93Member
    I do EVERYTHING! Watch Netflix, play on my 3DS, destroy the non-believers, cook a nice meal, post silly stuff on forums. You know, the usual.
    Adopt one today!
    Yay a baby dragon, now I just need a Time Wizard.
  • SellymeSellyme Posts: 157Member
    I read forums, mainly. Also go to work.
  • AuraAura Posts: 18Member
    Sleep, mostly.
  • PungrongoPungrongo Posts: 4Member
    I play Civ V in windowed mode. Something to concentrate on, while still letting me keep an eye out for golden cookies. Delicious golden cookies.
  • BronypowerrBronypowerr Posts: 192Member ✭✭
    watch the cookies goo up
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  • AutoClickerAutoClicker Posts: 16Member
    I watch youtube videos while playing BF3 while watching for golden cookies.
    I love having 3 monitors. c:
  • Hessen said:

    I play minesweeper. It doesn't require much attention so I don't miss any golden cookies.

    Might I suggest MMO Minesweeper!
    The mouse that clicks Cookies.
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