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Uh, Hello

CheeyevCheeyev Posts: 15Member
edited September 2013 in Off Topic
So, uh, yeah... I don't really know if I should have posted this or not, but hello Fourms... I'm Cheeyev, the Pokemon-Fusion spriter, thingy... Yes I make Poke-Fusions on my DevintArt account...
I just love Cookie Clicker, it's a decent Time Waster, the Grathics are pixelized exellence, and, well, the 'backstory' is kind of unique, as it turns out Grandma's and Cookies arn't heavenly as it seems... More Hellish, in fact. I also made a Wallpaper of it for 1600x900 Rezolutioned PC's and Laptops, as you can see here:
I don't know what else to say here actually...
Yes, I make Poke-Fusions and I have depression...


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