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Don't know how to use custom sprites.

Bob_SempleBob_Semple Posts: 2Member
I made some custom sprites for my clicker game but now I have no clue how to put them into the game.
Would greatly appreciate any help I can get.


  • AgentpersonAgentperson Posts: 43Member ✭✭

    desc:Used for Example Proposes.
    on tick:yield 1 ExampleTheSequel
    icon:post image url here (Be sure to add .jpeg/.png/.Etc at the end)

    Alternatively you can use spritesheet (Just look it up or ask someone else because I have never used a spritesheet for my 1 IGM game)
  • Bob_SempleBob_Semple Posts: 2Member
    Thank you i am now in the process of making my game.
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