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Is it possible to create some sort of leaderboard?

I'm making a game just to have a little fun with some of my friends and something they always ask me is to create a leaderboard. Is that possible? Either with the IGM engine itself or with external coding.

Best Answer

  • firefliesfireflies Posts: 56Member ✭✭
    Accepted Answer
    I think the issue there is that there is no means to record a player's score remotely - the IGM is an enclosed system, the txt file and any pictures are stored externally, and the save file is kept in cookies.

    If you deciphered the save file you could have people upload their save and then process the contents to produce a score, but that would be independent to the game itself


  • miquelinoloumiquelinolou Posts: 2Member
    Thanks for the reply! I guess i'll try to snoop around in a save file and see where things like the production per second and total resources earned are stored.
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