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How can I make an upgrade that causes a button to produce a new resource?

ProtoX7ProtoX7 Posts: 2Member
Ok, so I have three major resources in my game, and I want to make an upgrade for the main clicking button that allows you to get the second resource, along with the first one. But I cannot figure out how to do it, so please help me.

Best Answer


  • TheBirdBlueTheBirdBlue Posts: 6Member
    You may be able to add "req" to the end of it that makes it require the upgrade.
  • ProtoX7ProtoX7 Posts: 2Member
    BeeRex said:

    You have to add a second onclick line that requires an upgrade to work. Here's an example:
    onclick: if (have buttonChocolate) yield 1 chocolate
    In this example, the player needs to buy the upgrade with the key buttonChocolate for the button to give 1 chocolate each click.

    Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for! :)
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