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The Lifeless Journey

NickCydenNickCyden Posts: 375Member ✭✭
edited September 2018 in Playground
(Hey! You wanna play a version of those Destroy The Box games inspired by Dark Souls?! Well here it is! Although this isn't totally like those games, as this will also have a bit of exploration in it. You can't travel to unexplored areas, but you can travel backwards, if you so choose. It also has optional bosses! So that's fun, right?)

(How to play: Again, this is one of those "beat this object up" games, but with extra mechanics, so there isn't too much to talk about.
Attacking-You can't exactly do anything you want to attack like usual. Instead, you have to keep it thematic with the game, and the theme is Darksouls/bloodborn. This is basically midevil, so knights, magic, and you also have guns. Other than that, have at it!
Exploration-You can explore areas that have been added to the world map. By doing this, random events can occur. You can find loot, get ambushed, meet NPCs, and even find secret areas! I will also try my hardest to put lore Into basically everything, as is the Darksouls way.)

It is said in ancient Legends, that once every 1000 years, a band of great warriors will awaken, and help purge these lands of the unpure. Today marks the 3rd millennia, and the awakening of the newest heroes, to save the Residents of Tregand.

As you all awaken from your tombs, you look around and see each other. None of you need to say a word. You all know your mission. Suddenly though, you're attacked by 3 Ghouls. Hideous creatures that were once human, but have long been corrupted by lifelessness. What will you do?

World Map:
Hero's Graveyard: Tombs/???

Current Area: Hero's Graveyard-Tombs

Ghouls 100/100

Dashnet Heroes:


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