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Is garden (clovers) self-sustaining?

CharTypeCharType Posts: 5Member
I'm trying to get the Golden Clover seed, and I'm wondering if I leave my garden full of clovers if it will be self-sustaining. Both with pebbles and with wood chips. Does anyone have the numbers on this? Thanks.


  • SansGeek456SansGeek456 Posts: 53Member ✭✭
    sadly, i'm not very familier with the garden, i didn't know at all about the update so sorry, but i can't help.
  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    If you have a level 9+ garden, use the optimal layout of only planting 10 Clovers. This allows you to have 26 open plots for a Golden Clover to spawn; with the average Clover having a mature lifespan of 38 ticks you should get it in no time, just dig up any normal Clover sprouts that pop up along the way to increase your chances.

    As for more directly answering your question, the method I described above will probably be the best way to achieve a self-sustaining Clover garden. I don't know the numbers but this method should be rather autonomous.
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