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3 suggestions for Grimoire

21102110 Posts: 96Member ✭✭
Hi everyone,
Here are 3 suggestions for the grimoire mini-game.

1) Magic meter refills 1% faster per Wizard tower level
2) Upgrade that reduces the cost of all spells by 1
3) Shadow achievement: cast 9999 spells
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  • AttiMeowXAttiMeowX Posts: 3Member
    Here's what I think about this idea, it seems interesting!

    1) So taking 55 lumps only to make it 10% faster seems too little of a reward for all the work you put in to max your wizard towers, maybe something like 5% so that at least you would get a noticeable difference, but 10% is basically nothing if used on a timer. Good idea though!

    2) Are you talking about a heavenly upgrade or a normal upgrade? How expensive would it be? I'm not sure I like the upgrade right now the way it is because I have 437 wizard towers right now and Conjure Baked Goods is 39 magic, Force the Hand of Fate is 65, and Stretch Time is 26. Therefore, the upgrade would not be very effective for me because after 30-40 magic, magic refills pretty quickly and this upgrade wouldn't save me very much. So if this is implemented, then in my opinion, this needs to be a normal (non-heavenly) tiered upgrade where the first upgrade starts out relatively cheap (1 trillion cookies?) where the cost of spells is reduced by 1 magic and then another upgrade 1000 times as expensive, so 1 quadrillion cookies, where it is reduced by another 1 magic, so the effect stacks and is still powerful in late game. The other way this upgrade would be better is if there was a HEAVENLY upgrade (I think it should cost 1,000,000 chips, because spells don't take as long to cast in early and mid-game and this point in game is when this upgrade would be most useful) that reduces the cost by 10-20%. I know this would be helpful to me now because although I can cast some spells multiple times in a row, they take longer to recover since spells cost more magic the more that you have.

    3) I like this idea a lot! I think the achievement should be called "Merlin?"

    Also, I have another idea for a heavenly upgrade that should cost about 100,000 chips, called "Lucky Charm" where spells backfire 10% of the time instead of 15%. In fact, I think there should be a whole upgrade tree for minigames, including the Pantheon and the Garden.
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