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Endgame strats for grossly optimized frenzies

TumaluTumalu Posts: 84Member ✭✭
edited May 2018 in General Discussion
Every week or two I improve my setup to be even more absurd, so I figured I'd start asking around. I was inspired by finding an Elder Frenzy off my Hand of Fate backfire to really overoptimize things.

At this point I've realized I can use Dragon Harvest in frenzy stacks even without gold clovers (e.g. so I can harvest duketaters instead mid-frenzy), by stacking a bunch of duration bonuses, clicking multiple Frenzies beforehand to get it's duration up, then going for Dragon Harvest -> Building Special. My setup for this was

Business Day, Reaper of Fields+Epoch Manipulator
Vomitrax / Selebrak / Jeremy (probably shouldn't have used jeremy)

I stacked a few frenzies with save exports/imports to increase it's duration long enough to last for the next few golden cookies, then opened 4 tabs to start hunting for the Dragon Harvest. After getting the DH, I swapped Mokalsium into diamond slot, put in Breath of Milk and Radiant Appetite on dragon, exported save and looked for a Building Frenzy. Once I got it, pop golden switch and cast HoF, maybe stretch time. Since I had an elder frenzy HoF, this would have been worth popping Sugar Frenzy, but I didn't have quite enough bank for it to help my duketater harvest.

Unfortunately, without an Elder Frenzy HoF, adding Dragon Harvest onto F+BF+BF only makes it as strong as F+EF+BF, but for arguably a lot more effort. However, this strat is MUCH easier with gold clover fields and godmazok/Click Frenzy. Come to think of it, it'd actually be realistic to try to find a Click Frenzy after a building frenzy with building selling for 2 Hand of Fate casts... F+DH+BF+BF+CF is even stronger than a F+EF+BF queenbeet harvest, with no bank limitations. In fact, clay gold clovers can let you get F+DH+BF+BF even -without- hand of fate casting, I think?!

I guess there's no reason I can't transition into grandmapocalpyse mid-combo and use an Elder.F after the Dragon Harvest, then cast HoF for BF and harvest queenbeet/duketater? It takes a bit of finagling to get the grandmas to anger fast enough, is the problem, and dragon harvest is way rarer than the frenzy I normally transition after. Oomph.

Next reset I should try gold clover fields for enormous click frenzies. With save exports it should actually be kind of easy to pull off a Click Frenzy better than my elder queenbeet harvests.

...anyway share your own strategies for grossly optimized cookies and any ways to make it a little easier to pull off


  • 21102110 Posts: 96Member ✭✭
    edited August 2018
    Tumalu said:

    I stacked a few frenzies with save exports/imports to increase it's duration long enough to last for the next few golden cookies

    Can you explain this part?

    Also, you use a lot of abbreviations, you should add a paragraph where you sum up them.
    Does the universe have a temporal end? Either yes or no, the answer is absolutely frightening...
  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    I am fortunate right now in that I have an Elder Frenzy (EF) on my next FtHoF cast, with a Click Frenzy (CF) immediately after. By using a field of Golden Clovers I am trying to stack multiple buffs to try and get an enormous payout through clicking, but I'm hitting a few roadblocks.

    It's my understanding that it is possible to stack CF + Dragonflights (DF), but is it only under certain circumstances?

    I have managed to have Frenzy (F) + Building Frenzy (BF) + DF active at once with that EF working just fine when I cast it. However, the CF always turns into a Lucky cookie since DF is active.

    So how can I do this? Would I have to preemptively cast FtHoF for my CF cookie, so that when the next "natural" golden cookie spawns I have to hope it is a DF? Any insight would be appreciated.
  • JezDavisJezDavis Posts: 222Member ✭✭✭
    I have no idea what half of what you're talking about means, but last night (with a bit of planning) I managed to stack Frenzy + Elder Frenzy + Click Frenzy + the Orby thing. That gave me 24 quattuordecillion in about 7-8 seconds, taking my 80bn prestige and giving 200bn more. I ascended shortly after that. Might try that again and see if I can get the '100 quattuordecillion in one ascension' achievement this time.

    Never really bothered with Dragon Flight though, and I've given no time at all to working out how to use the garden or Godzamok. I think I play very basically, to be honest.
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