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Ballistic Bosses

ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
Hello everyone. I've been working on an IGM game for a few weeks now. It's made up of different bosses you have to fight. The game might not be the best, but I hope you enjoy it. I wanted to post a game because it seems like the Game section on here has been kind of quiet lately. Now you have something to do, I guess. I might add updates to the game later on. Let me know if you want me to add anything in particular, and notify me if there are any problems. Enjoy!


  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Alright, V.1.1 is now finished! Here's a list of changes.
    • There is now an arcade that unlocks upon reaching level 20. You can play there to get prizes and coins to buy them with. This feature adds 1 achievement and a lot of upgrades, as those are what the prizes are.
    • The effect of an upgrade is now expressed in the description to give you a better idea of what you're buying.
    • I added 4 new achievements that are based on getting a large amount of certain resources.
    I had also tried desperately to fix the icons, but they're still missing their bottom/right sides. I'm out of ideas on how to fix them, so if anyone knows how it would help.
    I only tested the update a small bit to get the initial bugs out, so I will do more testing later. If you find any problems or have suggestions, comment here.
  • MelchiosMelchios Posts: 5Member
    Well strangely enough I seem to be the first one who wants go give feedback for this game.
    The basic idea is quite nice and the progression up into nearly the endgame feels quite nice if maybe a bit click heavy.
    Idle upgrade lack in power for quite a long time and even some upgrades are dependent on clicking.

    The arcade seems to be bugged in regards to coins earned because the upgrades do not change the amount of coins and each levelup of the arcade itself gives me exactly as many coins as the current level.

    The final boss also had some strange behavior for me in the old version it reset stars back to a fixed amount and never increased in the cost needed to defeat so it was easy to rack up 10k of levels without gaining anything from that.
    With the new version I did only play as far as the first form of the last boss and there the grind hits a bit hard to test out if that changed with the 1.1 version.

    The only other thing that might profit from getting a change would be the presentation of the upgrades.
    As is it can become a mess of bought and unbought upgrades with no easy way to distinguish between them and especially towards the endgame that does not make looking for one singular new upgrade too nice.
    So an upgrade menu that either changes the color of bought upgrades or a separate section for bought upgrades would be nice.

    Balance wise there might be something needed from Hotto onwards that lessens the grind a bit.
    Like some upgrades for level 100 bosses beat or something so that the final few steps towards the very last boss feel a bit nicer too reach instead of either being an autoclicker fest or coming down to waiting forever because there is nothing to upgrade at that point.

    Well I hope that is somewhat helpful in regards to feedback and that it was not too rambly I will look forward to more upgrades to this for sure.
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Thank you for the feedback! I do hope that you enjoyed my game. For your own interest, I'll try to address everything you've put forth.

    I tried to have the game's progression scale in a way so that it could be completed in about an hour, and mastered in about three. It is a bit heavy on clicking because I feel like some idle games do not give much reward for clicking the button more. Yes, the arcade was very buggy when I first released it, but I've tried to fix it. If you notice, I changed the arcade game upgrades so that they give you a discount on arcade play, rather than more FunCoins. I would have preferred the latter effect, but I couldn't get it to work. The arcade did give coins based on its level, but this shouldn't be a problem anymore as I believe I have fixed that too. As for the issue with the final boss, I assume you're referring to the true final boss. This boss isn't supposed to scale in cost, because once you beat it it's supposed to make finishing the rest of the game a breeze. Because of that, there isn't much to do after killing the boss. I thought that once I added in icons, it would make it easier to navigate the upgrade menu, but I have also noted the problem with it being hard to tell when you've bought something. I'm really not sure of how to make the color change or add a bought-upgrade section, as this has to do with CSS and layout, which is kind of confusing for me. I'll try to have a solution worked out for it in a later update, though. I am aware that there is a bit of a grind after Hotto. This is intentional, as the endgame bosses are supposed to be more challenging, but the boosts from the arcade might help with that now (I'm not sure how much they do, as I haven't gotten around to testing endgame yet).

    That should have answered everything. Thanks again for feedback, and playing my game as well! I'll probably release more updates later, though their content is not definite yet. Stay tuned, I guess.
  • MelchiosMelchios Posts: 5Member
    Thanks for the long response seems I killed my previous response to yours with editing it somehow so to type it again. heh

    I reached the final boss in the meantime and I missremembered its effect it only messes up ones XP level for a second, so the number goes down only to instantly go up again so that is not really much of a hassle.
    And the last few achievements are far easier this time around so the arcade pays off for sure.
    In version 1.0 it was a very long grind to get the final few boss levels while this time it was just a small push after being done with the main game.
    And pacing wise only the final push from first to second form of the final boss could maybe be a bit different.
    Like having some more upgrades to find within the portal upgrade or the like that only unlocks in combination with reaching the first form of the bonus boss.

    It is a fun ride as is for sure already and I will look forward to any upgrades to it that might come.
    Or well even if there are non to be had I might try a full on no autoclicker run next.
    This run I used one towards the end so I could comment on the things I only remembered from 1.0v.
    Ah and as a small aside the final reward for having everything in the game is a nice touch lets one now that this is it so to say.
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Yes, I'm glad that the game flows well. I will surely come out with another update, v.1.2, but it will probably be about a week before it comes out. I'll try to find a solution to the upgrade purchasing problem. I'm surprised people are actually playing my game. I will try to perfect it as much as I can.
  • MelchiosMelchios Posts: 5Member
    edited June 2018
    I started the no autoclicker run I mentioned and this time with the change to the arcades they seem to unlock things far later.
    I am on the grind towards the first phase of the bonus boss and so far have 300 arcades so the larger bonuses will apply either a bit before the last boss or on the stretch towards all achievements.

    The pacing seems fine with some smaller walls here and there but the change to the arcades seems fine all in all.
    Before they unlocked far earlier so the upgrades seemed less like something that can give one an edge towards the endgame.

    I think quite a bit of progress is dependent on the random treasures one can find because their bonuses can break some grind walls easily.
    Hard to say if those are too strong or not though.
    This time I am 7 treasures in already while the last time I got stuck on Hotto without them for a bit.

    Hope some of that can be helpful in regards to balancing things for v.1.2.


    And a small addition now 5 hours in I am onto the grind towards the final bonus boss and I am still at 300 arcades.
    Things slowed down to a crawl and I can either hope for the final treasure or unlocking the boss soon for all the upgrades that gives after beating him.
    Phase one of the boss would be at 10 kills same with the glitched bonus creature.

    Upgrades would be bought outside of arcade stuff I can't get.
    The arcades are at ~240T currently so going far above 300 is not that easily done to even get to one more upgrade with that.


    And a good half an hour later I had luck with the last treasure and pushed towards 15 kills of the first form and got the upgrades for that but I am still far away from having enough stars for the next 50 arcades.


    And one last update to this.
    By now I am at 16 kills for phase one and now I am just waiting for the resources to defeat the final bonus boss.
    Arcades are still at 300 so it seems I will only be able to access their upgrades for their achievements.
    So all in all the balancing works fine until one reaches phase one of the bonus boss from there on little really happens anymore.
    Waiting for resources at this point and only focusing on unlocking the last fight and then waiting for resources for that seems to be all I can really do so that might need some rebalancing.
    Maybe pushing for character level 100 would have been an alternative but given the resource costs for that my choice went towards focusing on the last boss first.
    Well that would be it for this run from me hope it was not just rambling. hehe
    Hope I can see an update in some weeks but even if not this was already quite a nice experience so all that is left is making it better really.


    And one last addendum it seems the arcade price is broken for this run even after all normal upgrades I barely got to 500 arcades and the next 50 would cost me 2.3 SP and that I can't afford even after all other content.
    Post edited by Melchios on
  • diamondkfcdiamondkfc Posts: 26Member ✭✭
    This is a pretty nice game
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Update V.1.2 is now complete. It's kind of a smaller update, but the next one (which I have decided will be the final update) should be more exciting. Here are the current changes.
    • There are now five optional challenges in the game that make things harder. There is no reward for doing them, but you must activate all five to unlock the secret boss.
    • Upgrades now disappear after you purchase them to make the upgrades section more organized (I would have preferred to have them to fade or something, but this was the best I could do).
    Again, the final update, V.1.3, should be larger and work to wrap things up. There's no idea of when it will be released, but it shouldn't be too long. If there are any problems with the new update, make note of it.
  • MelchiosMelchios Posts: 5Member
    edited July 2018
    Glad to see you updating the game already lets see how the update changes things.
    And even without a fade-out upgrading is a fair bit nicer to do now so it is a good improvement for sure.


    I wiped my save and now I get Bossbons on normal clicking and at a somewhat good rate even.
    Wiping the save again did not remove that resource gain.
    And after some more testing it seems to stay at that base level gain of 1 bon every once in a while so besides the first or second upgrade for that it would not make things easier really.
    It would pretty much take an autoclicker to even get that gain at a good rate.


    Up to Hotto again currently and it seems that the buy 50 option breaks the price multiplier a bit it costs less money to buy in bulk than to buy something bit by bit.
    So waiting for one 50 bulk option lets one get far more levels than buying them one by one.
    In my case it was the difference from lvl 70 with my character to level 100.


    And up to Rosie by now and the problem with the arcades remains for me I am barely up to 350 of them.
    With the bulk buy I could get Rosie to level 350 though but it seems her last unlock is time based instead of level based.


    And after the secret boss I am stuck at 550 arcades with no real chance to gain the next 50 or even going to the 1k needed for some upgrades.
    Post edited by Melchios on
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    I didn't know there was a problem with bulk-buying. If it only affects the secret boss that's fine, but I didn't anticipate any problems with prior bosses. One thing I actually forgot to do was to rescale the arcades to make them a bit cheaper (I set the multiplier to 110%, but it seems to be going higher than that for some reason). I'll try to have everything fixed in the final update.
  • duudodudiiduudodudii Posts: 2Member
    edited July 2018
    oh no! 1.3 is gonna be the end of my favorite igm maker (im not kidding, there is a lot of more worked on games out there but because of the unique mechanic this has made my day) i sure do hope you do a ballistic bosses 2 or make another igm game because this one is AMAZING

    edit: another igm game with this same mechanic i mean, also, the arcade gets TOO expensive, i cant buy shentuan action figure because its too expensive
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Okay, V.1.3, the final update, has just been finished. I haven't tested any of it yet, as it's mostly endgame stuff. Here is the list of features:
    • Ultra bosses, stronger forms of the normal bosses, have been added. The boss must reach level 199 to become its ultra form.
    • The ultra bosses go up to Hotto, but there is one more that acts as the true final boss of the whole game, which requires you to have all achievements and defeat all ultra bosses. Defeating this final boss grants the true final achievement, declaring that you have reached true 100% completion.
    • I made the arcade less expensive, which should enable you to get all of the prizes. If it doesn't, I can rescale again.
    With this update done, I am labeling this game as finished. I will only update it again to fix bugs and problems. Enjoy the full game!
  • MelchiosMelchios Posts: 5Member
    edited July 2018
    Great to see a new update out for this.
    Well time for a new safe I guess.
    Up to Maido by now and the x50 buy option seems strange same as before.
    50 player levels cost 500XP if bought at once.
    Yeah using the x50 buy option breaks the balance and it can be made worse with selling objects in bulk.
    The difference between normal buying and bulk becomes wider and wider so that by now I am at Rosie already using that method.
    After this I will do a normal run though because just finding hiccups in how the buying works does not really help with the balancing.
    But so far the additions are quite nice and I like the little story for each boss one gets with the late game content.
    The normal run is so far progressing nicely up Ornadeus so far without too much trouble and the arcade offers some nice upgrades here and there with the cheaper price.
    Reached the first Ultra boss by now while being on Zambylline with the normal bosses.
    The pacing for them seems fine so far because it is a noticeable amount of resources that needs to be used to unlock them but it seems fine for the first boss so far.
    Up to Rosie now and the Ultra bosses flowed easily from one to the other after unlocking the first one with the strong upgrades they give.
    Achievement wise the only things taking far longer than anything else would be reaching player level 100 with the now limited max level for bosses and the last rare treasure with it being dependent on ones luck but otherwise things seem fine so far.
    For now I am stuck at 87 achievements with the only things left to increase being player level, arcade and bosses from rosie on.
    Everything else is maxed, all upgrades are bought and all luck based drops are unlocked.
    So I will do some more fiddling around with it being the finale some searching is expected I guess.
    Post edited by Melchios on
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    edited July 2018
    This isn't a proper update, as I have said that there would be no more, but there were some simple bugs and errors I found while testing the final game. Here's what I've resolved:
    • Fixed the icon for the "Team Boss Sessions" challenge
    • Fixed the icon for the "If You Dare" achievement
    • Changed the requirements for the "Hi-Score" achievement to include having all games
    • Fixed one of the Ultra Hearts
    • Reworked the arcade system so that getting the "Gaming On" achievement and getting true 100% is now possible
    • Set the max. amounts for both phases of the secret boss
    • Reworked the arcade games to give different discounts
    Sorry I hadn't noticed these things earlier. Now you can actually unlock the final ultra boss and get true 100%. This should be a wrap for the game now.
  • sds57sds57 Posts: 2Member
    I am stuck at 86 achievements and seem to have done everything. Am I missing something needed to get the true final boss
  • sds57sds57 Posts: 2Member
    I am at hero level 150, arcade level 1.3K, Basic level 53K, with all upgrades, and all bosses (from Jerri to Rosie) at max (including "Ultra forms"). What am I missing?
  • Funn80Funn80 Posts: 8Member
    I am pretty Addicted to this Idle Clicker Game. At first I thought it had some poor art. But quickly I got more into the game. So I kept going. After awhile it was pretty fun. I haven't unlocked the Arcade quite yet. But in General I think this game was pretty fun.

    I hope you Update it more like the Art and maybe new bosses Thanks and bye!
  • Funn80Funn80 Posts: 8Member



    I enjoy

    the game well
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    I won't say the exact requirements for unlocking the secret boss's second form, as it is a secret boss, but it sounds like you just need to do more training. The fortune points that determine Shentuan's lucky upgrades are needed to unlock it, and there is also a total training requirement.

    Thanks for playing the game, but as I have declared it to be on its final version, I really don't think I'm going to update it anymore. Sorry if the art's bad, I did it all myself and didn't want to spend too much time on it.
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Hey guys, long time no see. Happy Easter season! I have just played through the game again, and I found a few typos. I just updated the code to correct them. Ballistic Bosses should now be spotless, if otherwise still crude. I am thinking of maybe making a new IGM game in the future. If anyone would like to see it, stay tuned. I have a new idea that I think will be really fun and unique to the platform!
  • IronDudeIronDude Posts: 11Member ✭✭

    Hey guys, long time no see. Happy Easter season! I have just played through the game again, and I found a few typos. I just updated the code to correct them. Ballistic Bosses should now be spotless, if otherwise still crude. I am thinking of maybe making a new IGM game in the future. If anyone would like to see it, stay tuned. I have a new idea that I think will be really fun and unique to the platform!

    Yes, I'd love to see a new IGM game from you! Keep me in the know if possible, @ChickenChronicles49
    I am the CHAOSINATOR!!11!
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