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Import save issue

plantplant Posts: 1Member
Hi, I'm having an issue where the import save function is slightly off. (I'm trying to get prestige level-specific achievements.) Not only is the prestige level slightly higher than it was at the time of the save, every time I've tried to reload the save the number is actually slightly higher than the last time. If there isn't a fix for this it's not the end of the world, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!


  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,324Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    I'm guessing you have some offline production via prestige upgrades.

    If you're trying to get the upgrades that need a prestige level ending in 777, etc, you'll just have to wait until you get enough prestige that the digits roll back around. For example, if you're at 1,234,777,777 you just need to wait for 1,235,777,777.
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  • TumaluTumalu Posts: 84Member ✭✭
    My method for those was to sell buildings to micromanage heavenly chip gain. Just keep slowing it down as you satisfy more digits until you get down to one chip at a time. Good luck!

    And yes, this is because of your offline production upgrades- you load the save and it gives you the cookies you would have earned with the game closed since the save was made.
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