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What are you looking for in the next update?

EOTWEOTW Posts: 52Member ✭✭
Hello! As some of you know I made a game called Ice Cream Clicker and the time has come for the next update. Is there anything your looking for in particular in this update? If so comment them below!


  • Chris_P_BaconChris_P_Bacon Posts: 21Member ✭✭
    You might want to fix the resource icons, they are too small and loop a little because of that. The curve is (No offense) terrible, you've got your second building that costs four times as much, produces six times as much, and goes straight backwards with the third. Twice as much for five times the price! Very little to no upgrades for each building and nothing that makes it special. Sorry for being harsh, but did you make those sprites? The style of them is inconsistent. I hope this was more helpful than harmful
    Chris P. Bacon
    Looking for sprite work.
  • EOTWEOTW Posts: 52Member ✭✭
    Umm not really what I was asking... I understand that you may think the prices are messed up but I've played through my game and its how I want them. I was talking about adding stuff more so instead of changing.
  • Chris_P_BaconChris_P_Bacon Posts: 21Member ✭✭
    Oh... Sorry. I was being bugged at the moment so I was irritable and not really paying attention.
    Looking for sprite work.
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    I haven't played through the entire game yet, so this might already be in it. But I was thinking, maybe you could have a new currency, like peanuts or something. You could use peanuts as an alternate method for purchasing buildings, or give them their own buildings entirely.
  • EOTWEOTW Posts: 52Member ✭✭
    You gain that after the prestige. You get Golden Ice Cream.
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