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New Challenge Ideas

Camwood7Camwood7 Posts: 158Member ✭✭✭
edited May 2018 in Suggestions
There's currently very little to the challenge system currently aside from using Born Again to re-obtain any achievements you missed, be they Hardcore, Speed Baking, Neverclick, etc. This clearly won't do. I thought we could possibly do with more challenges and achievements for them, and I came up with two ideas. The icons can be changed if they're not that good, and possible additional balance can be made, but you get the idea.

Iron Will

Conditions: Clicking and Cursors are twice as effective. All other buildings do not make any cookies. Prestige levels have no effect, but Heavenly Upgrades work.


  • Nerves Of Steel - Bake 1 million cookies in Iron Will.
  • Iron Maiden - Bake 1 trillion cookies in Iron Will.
  • Button Masher - Bake 1 quintillion cookies in Iron Will.

Minigame Madness

Conditions: Clicking is four times as effective. Start with 1 of every building. Buildings make no cookies. All minigames are automatically unlocked if not already done. Sugar Lump levels are kept and Heavenly Upgrades work, but Prestige levels have no effect.


  • Not So Mini - Bake 1 trillion cookies in Minigame Madness.
  • Everyman - Bake 1 million cookies in Minigame Madness.
  • Multitasker - Bake 1 billion cookies in Minigame Madness.
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  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    Great ideas. One possible thought I had for Iron Will would be to have building CpS add to clicking power, if only for the purposes of the "mouse" upgrades. That way it can scale as the run continues.

    On that note, you've inspired a Challenge mode idea where the grandmapocalypse is in constant effect from the beginning of the run and grandmas are the only source of CpS. All other buildings are there just to boost grandma CpS when each building's grandma upgrade is purchased.
  • opsylonopsylon Posts: 67Member ✭✭
    what about the "Trigger FInger" challange mode that is being worked on. they could add achievements to that.
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