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Shouldn't you go through the Grandmapocalypse?

ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
I'm pretty sure it's true, but I need to clarify: In order to attain the optimal boost in CpS in one run, you should go through the Grandmapocalypse process in order to attain the tech upgrades it gives you, and then you should declare a covenant to bring back golden cookies. It is correct that the Grandmapocalypse upgrades (and the Halloween ones from wrinklers) will give you such a boost as to override the -5% CpS deduction from the covenant? Or should you avoid the Grandmapocalypse to keep your 5%? I'm fairly sure that you need to go through the Grandmapocalypse for the maximum bonus CpS, but I'm just making sure.

Best Answer


  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    Up to the recent upgrades (I don't know if some people have made the calculations now), it was better to stay in "One mind" stage, since the golden cookies were better that wrath cookies, and you still got the wrinklers to boost your cps.

    Before the garden update, if you were going to idle and use "spontaneous edifice" to obtain cookies, full wrath with the golden switch and the right spirit in pantheon slots was a good option.

    Right now, I don't know. But I guess One Mind is still a good deal. Of course you should go once through full wrath to get associated achievements! :)

    By the way, I think nobody uses the covenant (apart to get the achievement). People prefer buy pledge, even if you have to buy it repeatedly.
  • ChickenChronicles49ChickenChronicles49 Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    I would just buy the covenant to stop the wrath so I wouldn't have to buy the pledge over and over. As long as the pledge cost doesn't scale so high as to become significantly costly, I could just buy that to avoid the deduction. I already have all of the wrath achievements, by the way. I just want to do the Grandmapocalypse to get tech upgrades and Halloween cookies for a CpS boost, then stop the wrath to bring back golden cookies (because, from what I've seen, actively clicking lucky golden cookies gets you a better boost than wrinkler farming, even with the golden switch on). Don't you think this would be best for actual cookie profiting?
  • Asbestos_Free_CookieAsbestos_Free_Cookie Posts: 50Member ✭✭
    Some play styles involve minimal getting golden cookies. I spend a lot of time with the game closed and make use of the golden switch.
  • chemochemo Posts: 7Member
    Others know the maths a hell of a lot more than I do, but while I was messing around for the 100 Ascensions achievement I did a run where I completed the Grandmapocalypse without buying ANYTHING else after triggering it until it was finished, the Covenant activated finished one outperformed my pre-event in regards to CPS. Doesn't factor in wrinklers or EF's or anything, I'm a FtHoG click frenzy approach guy so I haven't messed with those effects.
  • TumaluTumalu Posts: 84Member ✭✭
    Once you're playing with force the hand of fate stacking with golden cookies for mega click frenzies, or giant queenbeet harvests, etc... wrinklers aren't a huge factor and the 33% wrath chance is very in-the-way. At that point you may as well full apocalypse and pledge it away.
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