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Have X buildings does not work with spontaneous edifice.

ppst112ppst112 Posts: 9Member
If you reached the building requirement for a certain achievement eg. 100 prisms. But the last building was spawned and not built the achievement is not granted to the player, requiring the player to sell and buy said building to unlock the achievement.


  • MaddieMaddie Posts: 178Member ✭✭
    It appears that that's not a bug but a deliberate limitation.
  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    I just did an interesting little experiment.

    I started a new game with debug mode, bought myself 400 of each building besides Chancemakers, then used Spontaneous Edifice 400 times to get 400 Chancemakers without actually buying a single one.

    Unsurprisingly, you don't unlock a single achievement for owning Chancemakers until you buy at least one. I bought my 401st Chancemaker and unlocked all achievements up to that point. In addition, no upgrades were available to purchase until I actually bought a Chancemaker. It seems that the building requirement to meet or surpass for any achievement/upgrade has to be bought, not spawned through SE.

    What I didn't expect was that even with Chancemakers only spawned with SE, I still unlocked "One With Everything," "Base 10," "Centennial," and all other similar achievements for having # of each building. Even the "have X of all buildings" upgrade cookies unlocked at each appropriate point with only SE Chancemakers.

    This makes me reconsider if this is a bug or feature. Thoughts?
  • ppst112ppst112 Posts: 9Member
    If not a bug at least a wording error, since it says "have". Also quite interesting eksperiment, it shows how the detection for the achievement only occurs when building in question is bought, while the detection is much more open for the centennial achievements.
  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    Yeah you would think achievements and upgrades would all have the same mechanics, which makes me think they are supposed to.
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