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Slow but predictable growth

ppst112ppst112 Posts: 9Member
I have noticed that growing large amounts of crops for breeding can be a pain as some mature way to early or way to late to be useful for successful breeding. Allowing the player to give all plants predictable growth for the price of growth speed or income might be a good way to allow the player to overcome this frustration for the price of another.

I could see this done with either an additional soil type or a switch.

Another way of achieving this would be to add a plant like ichorpuff that changes the behaviour of the surrounding plants.


  • blank3tm0nst3rblank3tm0nst3r Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    Totally agree.

    I'd suggested something similar in another thread, where maturation variance was minimized when using a certain soil with Clay or Pebbles in mind. Adding this effect to Clay would synergize with the already slow growth ticks, but could also make Pebbles a bit more useful (does anyone really even use Pebbles?).

    Another idea could be to tie the "plant efficiency" effect modifiers from soils and plants to also affect maturation variance. Increased efficiency would lessen variance and decreased efficiency would increase variance.

    Yet another could be making the "Garden Information" tool be an active ability, allowing you to inspect a single plant by spending cookies or whatever to determine exact maturation times.

    Whatever the case, I think the Garden has enough randomness to it that having a way to decrease growth variance is a perfectly acceptable request.
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