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Mining Clicker

Tobi19Tobi19 Posts: 6Member
Hello everyone.
This is my first clicker game made with IGM, I have 2 versions.

Testing version 0.0.3_01: Pastebin "y7ghaQVV" (outdated)
first version I made but I started messing up with the idea about buildings and resources so I started from a scratch again.

0.0.1 First release
-added stone
-added money
-added mine button
-added basic miner
-added sell button

-added copper
-added Advanced miner
-added Basic Trainning upgrade

-added brick
-added furnace
-added sell brick button
-added some icons

-added sell copper button
-fixed mine button icon
-fixed bug#001 where furnace keep giving stone even when you run out of it

Mining Clicker classic: Pastebin "mNh4ZR7z" (currently working on it)

I decided to call it classic because it looks like cookie clicker classic without upgrades or achievements

c0.1 First classic version
-added 8 buildings: Miner, Copper Drill, Silver Saw, Gold Mining Robot, Plutonium Extractor, Diamond Magnet, Alchemy lab and Hadron Collider
-new system with only 1 resource (money)

-Fixed building icons

I'm currently working on it so I will make upgrades and achievements in some time but now I'm working with building balance. I would like to see your opinions and suggestions.


  • Tobi19Tobi19 Posts: 6Member
    edited February 2018
    (22/02/2018) c0.2
    -added 3 new building to balance start and mid-game: Mercury Pump, Rubidium laser and Emerald Synthesizer

    (22/02/2018) c0.2_01
    -Fixed last buildings' prices to balance endgame.
    Post edited by Tobi19 on
  • Lava_EntityLava_Entity Posts: 2,398Member ✭✭✭
    I really am starting to like this game.

    version y7ghaQVV

    I like some of the new mechanics that you don’t really see in any IGs anymore.

    (also, pls change backround to something like stone bc with all of those images it’s hard to see.)

    version mNh4ZR7z

    A little less complex, but still good

    A little less hard to see things in the screen(better backround than y7ghaQVV)
    cease your tomfoolery

  • Tobi19Tobi19 Posts: 6Member
    I'm planning to add y7ghaQVV features to mNh4ZR7z instead of updating it. it will be better to have only 1 updated version instead of working with 2 versions of the same clicker.
  • Tobi19Tobi19 Posts: 6Member
    edited February 2018
    (23/02/2018) c0.3
    -Added 5 upgrades for mining button: Wooden Pickaxe, Stone Pickaxe, Iron Pickaxe, Golden Pickaxe and Diamond Pickaxe

    (23/02/2018) c0.3_01
    -Added Mining Basics upgrade

    (23/02/2018) c0.3_02
    -Fixed Upgrades' prices to balance game
    -Added hand mined money counter (It is hidden but it is there)
    -Fixed bug #002 where Pickaxe upgrades affected Mining Basics upgrade by multiplying CPS percentage
    Post edited by Tobi19 on
  • FaythFayth Posts: 11Member
    Thanks for this game! Looking forward having new updates! I am at a stage when I have to wait 4 days for 1 building of the next tier (already have 50 of the previous tier), so maybe some balance is required at this point (4 days sounds a bit long).
  • TynadoTynado Posts: 2Member
    whats the link
  • TynadoTynado Posts: 2Member
    q link
  • TractorJacktorTractorJacktor Posts: 3Member
  • TractorJacktorTractorJacktor Posts: 3Member
    Nvm LOL
  • allenhunterallenhunter Posts: 2Member
    This game is really great!
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  • YellowmonkeyYellowmonkey Posts: 25Member
    i have mining clicker game lol (a2DYj249)
  • 97ricepopsinmymouth97ricepopsinmymouth Posts: 4Member
    Im not sure what the link is...
  • 97ricepopsinmymouth97ricepopsinmymouth Posts: 4Member
    oops worked it out lol :D
  • 97ricepopsinmymouth97ricepopsinmymouth Posts: 4Member
    a sell everything button would be nice!
    and for those of you who can't figure out the link here you go
  • Tobi19Tobi19 Posts: 6Member
    Hey people, the proyect is not abandoned but it isn't made in IGM anymore.

    I started learning HTML and JavaScript after making this game so I thought it would be a good idea to make in from a scratch with pure JS, CSS and HTML and I'm actually doing it (I started a week ago, it's still very simple but i'm making frequent updates), it helps me learning JS and it may be an aceptable clicker in a future. I don't know if can share link to my page here so if you want to take a look just send me a message by inbox or ask me in Discord (You can find me in CC Discord channel as Tobi0)
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