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The Morbid Thread (NSFW As Users Decide to Make It)

Frank_3everestFrank_3everest Posts: 1,519Member ✭✭✭
This thread serves a purpose, just as r/morbidquestions does. This is your safe space to vent your curiosity on the darker side of humanity by questions or try to convince all the readers of something kinda fucked up.

I'll start.

I Have Discovered A Safe Method of Self Harm:
Recently, I have been really depressed and started hurting myself. However, people noticed the cuts, and I became even more of an outcast. Recently, I have discovered a new method of hurting myself that does not leave long-lasting cuts, nor does it make you bleed. Despite the fact that it leaves marks, they are gone usually in less than an hour (it may vary from person to person). This type of self-harm is not even physically dangerous in any way, shape, or form. Allow me to elaborate on Light Elastic Torture. By basically snapping yourself with a rubber band, one may experience an even stronger relief than that of cutting, yet there are no side effects or scars. While self-harm is never recommended, sometimes the urge can be nigh unstoppable. In these cases, don't cut yourself, use Light Elastic Torture instead for these last-resort situations.
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  • adam_antichristadam_antichrist Posts: 531Member ✭✭✭
    That's an effective way of quitting self harm behaviour. I stopped cutting cold turkey bc I didn't know about it. TBH it doesn't seem to be sufficient for me since it is not an ongoing pain so it doesn't seem as effective (I've tried elastic just to see what it feels like after getting over my self harm urges).

    So this is not the point of the thread, but I just want to say it is possible to get over the feelings that lead us to want to self harm, abuse drugs etc. It doesn't feel like it when you are in it but I learned how to have the resilience needed to get through the hard days without any form of self harm (besides procrastination and eating junk food). Anybody who wants to talk more about it, feel free to PM me.

  • leunleun Posts: 104Member ✭✭✭
    if i fuck a freshly dead corpse does it feel like fucking an alive woman?
  • idcidc Posts: 139Member ✭✭✭
    Nah, the pain doesn't last long enough and that it doesn't leave a lasting mark is a bad thing. But cutting is the worst way of all to self harm.
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  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don’t like hentai.

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  • adam_antichristadam_antichrist Posts: 531Member ✭✭✭
    leun said:

    if i fuck a freshly dead corpse does it feel like fucking an alive woman?

    No, you'll need more lube

  • BloodScourgeBloodScourge Posts: 111Member ✭✭
    Dead people can't annoy me.

  • idcidc Posts: 139Member ✭✭✭

    Dead people can't annoy me.

    Their family can though which is why you need to turn them into dead people too.
    BEETLE there is! While the ROOMS here not!
  • TooRadv2TooRadv2 Posts: 2Member
    Fuck ya'll

    It's hip to fuck bears.
  • idcidc Posts: 139Member ✭✭✭
    TooRadv2 said:

    Fuck ya'll

    It's hip to fuck bears.

    Kill us all first though.

    It's hipper to fuck dead bears.
    BEETLE there is! While the ROOMS here not!
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