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I am a god, and you are a servant.

RedCookie6666RedCookie6666 Posts: 2,052Member, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭
A simple(?) game. I am a god (specifically, the king of the gods; I command the world itself and the gods that control its aspects), and you, the players, are my followers who do things for me.

Do well, and you will be rewarded handsomely.


1. First things first, I can not be killed or even damaged. I am immortal and invincible, so don't bother trying to fight me.
2. Don't try to ruin other followers' efforts to gain my respect. They work hard for my boons, and I will not tolerate infighting between my servants.
3. Lastly, I rule over the gods. You may become a god if you are extremely good at following my commands, but you will still fall under me, and must gain my approval for any commands you may have for the followers.

My first command goes for everyone: I would like to eat the most delicious food on Earth. Find it, and you will receive your first boon.
RedCookie6666 here, wishing I could post more.
...Eh, whatever. Very little happens on the forums these days.


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