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Out of Contextory! (Forum Game)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,227Member ✭✭✭✭✭
This is basically a simple forum game, you're going to say a sentence to build some kind of story, so unoriginal, Isn't it? The only difference is... you will have to make the reader, one way or another, expect that what comes next is something that is horrible or very NSFW or something, and thus, this leaves us with a story filled with sentences that sound horrible out of context.


P1: Chuck woke up, to his amazement, he saw something raising his blanket up, it was his...
P2: New egg, he left it there to grow, but when it hatched, it appeared as a big pair of round...
P3: coconuts, so he ate them.... but unfortunately they were poisoned and made him shoot sticky...
P2: barf from his mouth, leading to a series of hard problems and headaches, so he found a girl... etc.

And so on...

Timmy is a young boy, he is 14 years old and wants to grow up so that he can play with....

Note: if this is inappropriate, gladly ask me to remove it.
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