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On my last run: the duodecillion + strategy talk

mikehendimikehendi Posts: 14Member ✭✭
Hi guys, I'm on my last run to get the 1 duodecillion cookies in one ascension. I have all but the last heavenly upgrade (sugar lump related and costs 1 billion HC), and all but one achievement I care about (the duodecillion). I've started playing over a year ago on V1.0375, stopped after a while, didn't play for ~300 days, and returned to v2.002. I grinded my ass of to get the heavenly upgrade where you have a 1% chance to get a double GC to spawn for a slim chance of a triple GC effect. When I had almost reached it, the grimoire was introduced where you can summon triple GC effects at will, rendering this heavenly upgrade close to useless haha.

Anyway, the progress through the last -illions (from early nonillions to mid undecillions) has been unexpectedly quick thanks to the grimoire and pantheon. These 'minigames' really break the traditional grinding game: Imo, the 1 undecillion run in v2.002 is way, way more difficult/grindy to achieve than the 1 duodecillion run in v2.004.

My main strategy since the grimoire/pantheon-update has been, to wait when one of the building-related cookie multiplier effects occur (even better when a frenzy is already running), then use force the hand of faith to summon a 2nd GC and hope for a click frenzy, sell a bunch of buildings with Godzamok in the diamond slot and click away. After just one of these combo's you are already way, way past the point where you'd normally ascend: I went from 11 million to 51 million (frenzy+building+clickfrenzy+godzamok) and more recent (only a few days later) from 197 million to 694 million HC (I believe it were 2 different building multipliers + click frenzy + godzamok, not sure if I remember correct, I was too busy clicking like a madman)


The strategy in more readable format:

Grimoire spell: "Force the hand of fate" to summon an extra GC
Pantheon: Godzamok, spirit of ruin in diamond slot, for the click bonus

In my building distribution I have 500 cursors and grandma's, 400 farms / mines / factory's / temples. This is not part of the ideal distribution, their purpose is purely for quick and easy buying and selling when a combo occurs

- Ideally, have a frenzy going from the last GC (x7)
- Wait for a building related multiplier (~ x30 to x50)
- Force the hand of faith, hope for click frenzy (clicks x777) (If I have frenzy + building multiplier, I WILL use a sugar lump to refill my mana meter for an extra chance on a click frenzy)
- Use godzamok: sell all your 2600 buildings from cursors to banks (keep the temples!!!) for a x26 click multiplier; click like crazy for 10 seconds, bulk buy the 2600 buildings back, sell again and click like crazy.

In a frenzy + building multiplier + click frenzy you can do about 2 cycles of godzamok, if you manage about 50 clicks per godzamok session for 100 clicks total, you will make:

100 (clicks) x 1/8 (a click is 12-13% of cps (w/wo cookie egg)) x7 (frenzy) x~40 (building) x 777 (click frenzy) x 26 (godzamok) = 70.000.000 seconds of production, or 20.000 hours, or 800 days, or 2,25 years of production

in LESS than one minute! Without using any cheats or even an autoclicker!

While this combo is rare, there are many other combo's which are more frequent where you can use Godzamok/this strategy:

Frenzy + click frenzy = 20 days of production clicked
Building multiplier + click frenzy = 112 days
Frenzy + building multiplier = 2 days
Frenzy + building multiplier + building multiplier = 80 days
Click frenzy = 3 days

Or the probably very rare building multipier + other building multiplier + click frenzy which I was fortunate to enjoy before my last ascension: 12 YEARS of production in less than a minute of clicking, selling and buying.


Anyway, now it's just waiting for a bunch of the above mentioned GC combo's! I'm at 330 chancemakers ideal distribution (barely got the 350 achievement in my last run of about 350 undecillion). Seeing that I produced 300+ undecillion an my last run, and that I now have 3,5x the HC of last run, I expect I only need ONE building+building+clickfrenzy to produce the duodecillion (or 6 frenzy+building+cf combo's). I'll let you know when I finish :)

Disclaimer: I still play in the beta (v2.0041) to make use of the prism/chancemaker synergy. No cheats were used except to revert accidentally bought levels on buildings with sugar lumps, I'll make another post on how to do that since that probably happened to more of us :)


  • JezDavisJezDavis Posts: 222Member ✭✭✭
    Dude, that is commitment above and beyond the call. Impressed and inspired.

  • mikehendimikehendi Posts: 14Member ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    Well, that was it. Got a x7 frenzy for the first GC, a x53 farm for the second GC, cast force the hand of fate, got x777 click frenzy GC, sold 3125 buildings and clicked away at 20-30 undecillion per click. The screenshot is from the second selling session, where I sold slightly less buildings.

    One click in cps = 0,13 * 7 * 53 * 777 * 31,25 = 29.300.000s =
    about 1 YEAR of production PER SINGLE CLICK

    1300 undecillion clicked in this single combo

    Set for life? More like Set for a day or 2...

    Post edited by mikehendi on
  • JezDavisJezDavis Posts: 222Member ✭✭✭
    Is there any reason you didn't take the Century Egg?
  • mikehendimikehendi Posts: 14Member ✭✭
    It makes it difficult to determine if my spreadsheet is still right (I do have the formula but I need to manually adjust the hours every time), and it needs a run of about 3,5 days old to reach a 1% bonus.
  • JezDavisJezDavis Posts: 222Member ✭✭✭
    It's just occurred to me - and I realise you're doing the maths here but I'll throw this in anyway - when you sell your Grandmas you lose your Wrinklers, therefore you lose their effect during the 10sec click frenzies. If you had full Wrinklers when you hit one of these massive combos and hadn't sold your Grandmas, wouldn't you, instead of a x26, have a x21x8.32?
  • dparejadpareja Posts: 460Member ✭✭✭
    Click Frenzies don't affect Wrinklers. I'd still not sell my Grandmas (since I'd want to swap in Skruula before popping my Wrinklers), but doing so for a Godzamok during a Click Frenzy isn't as bad as doing it during, say, a Frenzy+Elder Frenzy.
  • IdleGamerIdleGamer Posts: 4Member
    I have a save file set-up to perform exactly this interaction. I just went from 7 undecillion lifetime to over 100 undecillion lifetime abusing it.

    Once loaded you will be about halfway into a frenzy. Pantheon is already arranged appropriately.

    Immediately go to grimoire and first cast a spell to reduce chance of backfire, then summon a golden cookie. It will be a building based booster. Keep reloading until you get it based on cursors or grandmas for the biggest boost.

    Next, use a sugar lump to refill the magic meter. First cast the spell to extend buff duration. Then use the rest to summon yet another golden cookie. This one will be a click frenzy. Sell buildings and go nuts.

    Save code:

  • IdleGamerIdleGamer Posts: 4Member
    Oh my god... I just had Frenzy + Click Frenzy + Elder Frenzy. That was completely bonkers. My base CpS was at 1.8 nonillion per second on a new ascension. Didn't quite have all the upgrades again, but I still managed to bank 434 undecillion off this.

    That translates to 434,000,000 / 1.818 / (60 seconds per min) / (60 min per hour) / (24 hours per day) / (365 days per year) = 7.58 YEARS of production in 12 seconds. Woooooow.....
  • IdleGamerIdleGamer Posts: 4Member
    And after one more abusive set of golden cookies I'm in the duodecillions. Man, the Grimoire REALLY breaks the game...

  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Posts: 788Member ✭✭✭
    mikehendi said:

    It makes it difficult to determine if my spreadsheet is still right (I do have the formula but I need to manually adjust the hours every time), and it needs a run of about 3,5 days old to reach a 1% bonus.

    I had this annoying issue, until I realised that the spreadsheet program has a function NOW() that returns the current date. So all you need to do is have the date/time of the start of the run entered into a cell somewhere, then subtracting this from the current date/time gives the exact number of days since starting the run.

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