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I'm a mean person.

Frank_3everestFrank_3everest Posts: 1,519Member ✭✭✭
Well... I have been working this summer, so I couldn't really get on the forum that much. Basically, I work at an amusement park as a cashier for a concession stand... and sometimes people try to abuse the rule that I have to give out free water cups by asking for Sprite (because it's clear). A few weeks ago, I thought "Wait, I can do absolutely anything to them without getting caught. I mean, they can't tell the park staff on me because they were trying to get free stuff against rules."

So, the next time someone asked for a free sprite, I just poured carbonated water in the cup and told him it was Sprite.

Let's just say he was hella pissed.

The next guy who tried to get free sprite actually got his Sprite... but it had two packages of salt in it.

I'm a mean person.
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