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Maze of the Mace of the Maze of the... (FORUM GAME)

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,223Member ✭✭✭✭✭
Welcome to MotMotMotMotMotMotMotMotM-to be continued!

You are an adventurer crossing through different pathways and directions, you will find loot and kill monsters... until you reach the end of the maze, the middle, where a legendary relic can be found... Mace of the Maze, a weapon that will confuse all enemies on the field and has an extremely high attack stat and lots of different buffs... the person who beats the maze, will claim the mace AND get a special Dashnet RPG version of the weapon, and will be the new maze master... he will choose to travel anywhere and spawn monsters, and the mace's location will be moved to another location for people to look for it again...

How close you are is measured by percentage, you start at 0.000%, you reach the mace when you reach 100.000%

You will occasionally fall into traps made by the maze master, note that a maze master may only put a trap on one path in front of the player, which could be like: right = trap, left and north = safe

People can team up together and name their team, when a majority of the team members picks a direction, the direction will be gone to. If a team reaches the mace, they will fight to the death for it.

To start, state your game name, Class, and race

Med defense, Hi atk, Med Spd
Warriors get their own shield and may block moves, they also have higher atk and armor.

Lo def, V.Hi atk, Med Spd
Mages can use spells they learn, very useful.

Lo Def, Hi Atk, Hi Spd
Can use and identify lots of items, and also make traps easier.

Med Def, Med Atk, Med Spd
Much easier to tame monsters, can turn almost anything into bait or food.

+all stats, -def

++++spd, -def, -atk

+++def, +atk, --Spd

Pastebin Page: UNLOCKED ON PAGE 3 or 4
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