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Deadly Plant Generator

HyprlynkHyprlynk Posts: 8Member
This is one of my first generators, it generates a description of a deadly/psychoactive/irritating plant. It's pretty basic, so I'll probably add more in the future.
"If you eat a banana, a dank unicorn materializes in front of you and says:
'I like slick cookies.'"

By the way, I make music sometimes.
You can listen to it here:


  • ReepileReepile Posts: 1,703Member ✭✭✭✭
    Not bad, I like it! +1
    More plant names should be next update if you will improve it, since I get lots of the same names, especially "Sativa"
    whats wrongwith me
  • Lava_EntityLava_Entity Posts: 2,398Member ✭✭✭
    i got "Dieffenbachia" once.

    when i hear that, i think barfing. And when i looked at effects, it said "skin contact can cause barfing, swelling, and infected eyes".
    cease your tomfoolery

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