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Clothing is generated too slowly

neonnoodleneonnoodle Posts: 1Member
My civilization can be going gangbusters but for some reason I need 20+ people making clothes. I have more than twice as many tailors as total people hunting/gathering food! The people can't seem to get clothed fast enough.

Also, this makes me think that there could be some fun cultural traits around clothing, like modesty/nudism.


  • SekhmetSekhmet Posts: 172Member ✭✭
    I agree. The main problem is the very long time it takes to make leather. I need a big number of salt mines to get enough salt (since I need a lot of it for curing meat).

    Maybe there could be a technology that helps making leather (tannery?). Or a fastest/more efficient way to weave...
  • E_ZE_Z Posts: 14Member
    edited April 2017
    Have either of you taken advantage of the other options available to the Clothier? “Sew Hide Clothing” does not need leather, and neither does “Sew Grass Clothing”. These may not be the best clothing options but I found that with using what resources are available at the time (and dedicating about 10% of the total population to Clothier) I have always managed to slap SOMETHING on the bare bottoms of most, if not all of my populous.
    In case anyone is interested, this is how I manage to do it, but please keep in mind that my run-throughs rarely approach the populations many are discussing here in the forum (I would rather playtest the early to midgame and let the late game problems resolve themselves as the game prgresses through Alpha.)
    • Start with one Clothier and take a look at your resources; consider using up any hides first especially if food or herbs are low
    • Sew Grass Clothing uses Herbs so watch that resource carefully in the early game, but if you have plenty, use it! If you have more Hides than Herbs then set your first Clothier to Sew Hides and save the herbs until more can be gathered
    • At this point I split the Clothier icon and either set it to Sew Grass or Hide (the opposite of the first one) so I can quickly switch my starting Clothier unit(s) from one to the other OR (if I have the tech and workers) set it to Make Cheap Leather.
    • Add workers and keep changing the unit mode of the first Clothier icon to always produce Clothes of whatever type you have the resources for until production of resources (hides and salt) increases.
    • Add workers and keep changing the unit mode of the second to produce cheap leather anytime you run out/low on Salt.
    • In the early game, move workers from one icon to the other if labor and/or resources are tight
    • Once resource production is stable, add workers to keep Clothier ratios about 10% of the total population, with 2 making clothes for every 5 making leather, more or less depending on resource income
    • Last save: 705 pop (Yes, I know it is small but my only, current example.This HAS worked for MUCH larger) 1.9k Basic Clothes 20 Weaving, 50 Making. As I add hunters and clothiers it is stable for as long as I have played.
    • I have not tried this, but if you are running out of Salt, maybe dedicate a lot of workers in a Clothier icon Making Cheap Leather? Not ideal but they are still producing.
    • I hope these foolish ideas work for those having clothes problems in the late game.
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