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Bug - Happiness stat always stays st -0

ProstoK0tProstoK0t Posts: 4Member


  • HasyaHasya Posts: 4Member
    did you put your some of your worker on soothsayer?
  • ProstoK0tProstoK0t Posts: 4Member
    Hasya said:

    did you put your some of your worker on soothsayer?

    Yep, at 5-10 year there were 3-5 soothsayers. They were useless.
  • HasyaHasya Posts: 4Member
    From your image that you upload, i advice you to put more worker into gatherer , fisher and hunter. This is because most of happiness come from sufficient food for your people. Also i'd advice you to not put too much worker into quarry and mine, just focus on food and water first, for now.
  • OrteilOrteil Posts: 122Administrator, Game Dev Admin
    fixed in the next patch !
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