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Arctopolis RTFG

BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,227Member ✭✭✭✭✭
Welcome to the world of Arctopolis!

You exist in this large, vast world.

You just start by saying that you just started.

You will play with your username, and you will pick any kind of element you can find or come up with, which will give you buffs.

Also, you will start in a random start point, marked by numbers in the map above.

You will be assigned to a random faction, which you get no power to choose

Earthly Faction

The earthly faction is the faction that believes that Arctopolis must neither belong to evil nor to good, just the neutrality of creatures that want to survive. Members of this faction get a higher speed and strength stat

Members of the Earthly are usually Neutral to other factions.

Heavenly Faction

The heavenly faction is the faction that believes that Arctopolis must belong to the forces of good, as to be under one hand for the sake of existence and the higher being. Members of this faction have increased speed and defense stats

Members of the Heavenly are usually Helpful to the earthly.

Satanish Faction

The satanish faction is the faction believes that Arctopolis must belong to the dark minions of Satan, they believe that any defyers must be enslaved, killed, or spirit wombed. Members of this faction have an increased strength and defense stat.

Members of the Satanish are usually Aggressive towards the earthly.

The Forsaken

The Forsaken are the only who believe in no higher being, they believe that they must kill every defyer and keep the world of Arctopolis to themselves. Members of this faction have an overall increase of stats.

Members of the Forsaken are aggressive to all.

To play, just do random actions, you can try to explore your surroundings or battle others, etcetecra...

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