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Should it be a good idea to speed up the game?

DarknessDarkness Posts: 4Member
edited February 2016 in Suggestions
Well, I've been playing cookie clicker for a while and I can say that the new Update (Launched Yesterday, actually) is AWESOME. But, in fact, the game itself is a bit slow.
I've started a new game since I lost my last Hard Disk. Since then, I've made quite a progress until the new update, Which I made a recent ascension.
With all the updates, the game is a lot slower than before, when the building's cost was more or less close to the average CPS production. Now you have to buy a lot of buildings until you get to the next stage, which requires a lot of effort and dedication even being hours playing. This will probably be no problem at 200~400 prestige lvl but in the first ones is kinda boring.
Another thing that in my opinion slows down the game is the Dragon aura selection that sacrifices one of your top production buildings, wich combined with the earlier situation makes the game even harder to progress.

Maybe it's just my impression being in the first ascensions, but the earlier games actually were really faster than with this upgrade.

My suggestions are to remove the buiding sacrifice when selecting one aura and try to balance the game progress.

Thanks for the attention, and sorry for any english mistakes that I probably made xD


  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,312Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Mod
    The word "fasten" means to attach something. "Fasten your seatbelts," for example. The correct phrase here is "to speed up the game."
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  • DarknessDarkness Posts: 4Member
    Sorry, I knew that something was strange with the title xD
    I'll correct it right away xd
  • jupiterboyjupiterboy Posts: 53Member, Wiener
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