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i want to make a pokerom!

TheKniferTheKnifer Posts: 2,360Member ✭✭✭✭✭
so, i have decided i want to make a pokemon game and i would like you to help me!
tne region is based off of the west coast coming from los angeles, USA to vancouver, Canada.
the water type starter is named ponlade (pond+blade) and walks on for blades as legs.
the fire type starter name is smokid and i have no specific image for i only that its a firey kid (child goat) (evolves into smogoat)
i have no idea what the leaf type starter is only that the first evolution is clumsy and then it turns into a docile swift psychic leaf pokemon.
i need people to write scripts so what people day when they are challenging you to a battle or when someone is saying something
i need people to think of pokemon types (i.e. water, steel) abilities (i.e. levitate, pressure)
names (charmander, squirtle)
themes of main legendary pokemon (i.e. reshiram/zekrom yin/yang)
and reasonable stats for pokemon
i also need people to create pokemon sprites, people and their sprites and things involving individual sprites. (so not like the background or the town)
and, so yeah. i appreciate your participation. :)


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