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Who won the rap battles? (Raps posted here!)

MiningcookiesVIIIMiningcookiesVIII Posts: 1,861Member ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2015 in Off Topic
Who won the rap battles between me and Zonoro?


Challenge (me)
Rap battle:

Hey zonoro, your profile's blurry,
It's a picture of a cat, that makes you a furry.

Do you dare challenge me???

Reply (Zonoro)

Miningcookies' challenge:
"Hey zonoro, your profile's blurry,
It's a picture of a cat, that makes you a furry."

Challenge accepted.

Hey MiningCookies, your challenge ain't fair;
Cookies have so few rhymes, unlike kitties with hair.
But you know what, I'll win
Then put your head in a bin
And you know why that is?
Cause your rhymes got no flair.

Finale (me)

You stand no chance.

Yo Zonoro, I got plenty of rhymes!
I've done it a ton of times!
I shall be the victor,
The crowds will beg for more,
You're the one losing.
Your words should be considered as crimes.


Challenge (me)

Want another rap battle?

Rap battle II, let's go!
Now while we talk real fast,
Let's eat a Digorno.
I'm coming in first you're coming in last!

See now, this is my domain,
So the advantage is mine,
And I don't mean to crash your plane,
But you're a negative nine!

You see, you don't compare to me,
But you shouldn't be too hard,
You were as good as you could be.
Now you try, you ball of lard!

Reply (Zonoro)

Ur goin down.
Rap battle reply

There once was a MiningCookie,
To be cool, he was trying to be
But he was just a noob
Couldn't even get boob
And all this he somehow couldn't see

Finale (me)

In the kingdom of happy kitties, far, far, away,
There lived a grumpy cat, who did not like to play.
His owners gave him tons of toys,
But playthings hold no pleasure, to one who annoys.

The kitty's name was Zonoro, his family, 13.
But no matter how nice they were, the feline was mean.
They tried pampering, and all sorts of ploys,
But things of the sort hold no pleasure, to one who annoys.

Finally, his owners had one terrible last resort!
They brought him to Dashnet Forums, so he would learn to cavort.
For supposedly ponies lived here, that loved to have lots of fun,
They said their goodbyes, and hoped he would change a ton.

So who won?
I said, STOP SUICIDING. ~Idler
Uh your so ugly I frgotz how 2 grammer ~Darkmatterfire
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Who won the rap battles? (Raps posted here!) 5 votes

MiningcookiesVIII both rounds
Zonoro13 both rounds
OldMammal 1 vote
MiningcookiesVIII the first round, Zonoro13 the second one.
Zonoro13 the first round, MiningcookiesVIII the second one.
MasterSparkyDemonicSprinklesDarthCookieMiningcookiesVIII 4 votes


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