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DashNet (kinda) Plays: Pokémon LeafGreen ("hard" Hard mode)

ViniVini Posts: 3,601Member, Friendly, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Playground

Exactly What It Says on the Tin!

Yes, DashNet. We're here to play Pokémon LeafGreen! But not just any run. No. That'd be too easy.
What are we running then? The title says it: "hard" Hard mode.

Just in case you're wondering Hard Mode is the original name of a Nuzlocke.
(quick insight)

Standard rules of a Nuzlocke run:
1) You may only catch the first Pokémon you find in each area. Activates once you get some balls.
1.1) A fail is a fail, and that means a lost chance to fulfill your dream of catching 'em all.

2) Pokémon that faint are considered dead. Of course, that only applies to the player. Release or perma-box.

3) Name your Pokémon. They're friends and they deserve it.
3.1) Not an actual rule, but most nuzlockers do it, because Wynaut?

Now that you know what a Nuzlocke is about, lemme explain what THIS run is about.

First off: Not every action will be taken by the readers.
Otherwise, this becomes a slower and less chaotic "twitch plays pokemon". Obviously, I'll still do what you tell me to.
GAME RELATED mind you! (before this gets NSFW)

Second, and most importantly: Rules. Lots of them.
Well, maybe not THAT much, but I'll play with some extra ones, because reasons.

HardcoreLocke rules: (I may or may not need a better name for this.)
0) Tough Luck: You must not break any of the rules you accept to take to your journey.
0.0) This is an obligatory rule for every HardcoreLocke run.
0.0.0) This means you may never break this rule. EVER!

1) First Blood: When your first Pokémon dies, no Pokémon of lower levels can be used or caught.

2) Sealed Fate: Once you have a full party, you may not switch your Pokémon from party to box (or box to box, while we’re at it) until at least one of them dies.

3) Almost Eternal: [GETTING]

4) Origin's Keeper: Pokémon that gain/lose/change types upon evolving will not.

5) Reckless Strength: If a Pokémon can learn a recoil or sacrificial move, it must be taught over its strongest Base Power move.
5.1) If said Pokémon enters a major battle, it must use said move.
5.1.1) Major battles are any battle against: your Rival; a Gym Leader; Evil Organization’s leader; Evil Organization’s elite; the League; anyone along those lines.

6) Hype Train: If you defeat a Gym Leader without casualties, you may not heal until you hit a new town. Only applies when there are still Gym Leaders left.

7) Sadist Judgment: [THERE]

(Don't judge my naming scheme. >_>)

And number three: Since I'm going to name every 'mon I catch, why don't let the readers name them? Just keep in mind there's a 10 characters limit.

Oh, just had a great idea! First poster also gets to name the player and pick their gender!

So, ladies and gentlemen, mares and gentleponies, here it is:
Pokémon LeafGreen HardcoreLocke version, "played" by DashNet!
Let us begin with the hardest choice in every Pokémon game:

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