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(Unofficial) Forum help thread

JacobMIXJacobMIX Posts: 1,516Member, Helpful, Flagger, Conversationalist ✭✭✭
edited March 2014 in Off Topic
EDIT: Please read it all. (yes part 1 and 2... Yes all of it! I don't wanna read stuff like this.)

Before you post: check the wiki and rules that includes ALL the stickies (it's the purple ones.)

To take a screenshot: you press the PrtSc button on your keyboard, or use LightShot

Linking: to link something
and you will get this: Cookie! ( should just be don't know why it does this sry!)
(*if you don't want it to be a text link just post the link and do nothing to it)

How to post a picture: right click a picture and click ''Copy Image Web Address'' and paste it like this:
And you can add height="400" width="600" to the end of the URL to change the size of the pic.
(There should not be any " don't know why it does this sry! EDIT: okay it replaced the ")
I like to put a Spoiler! around it so it doesn't take up space
*and i recommend to have some text in that spoiler so the pic is easier to see/mouse over.

How to change your text: (*Text! will be where your text should be)
> this will make all the text from there on red till you change it.
Text! will set your text in the middle/center
Text! Will change the size of your text .
Text! Will change the font.
Text! Will change the color of your text.
Text! Will do everything.
For color codes go here. More font info here.
(*remember you can highlight your text and and use the buttons over the message box:
image )
You can test all this here.

How to open the console: Just press Ctrl+Shift+J (this might not work on all browsers)
Make sure you are on the "Console" tab. More info here: Cheating.
Also cheating can have consequences so backup your save before you cheat.

If the game or save does not work: Try pressing Ctrl+F5 or put Game.Load() in your console.
Also try and see if you have any programs or extensions that could be the problem.
And check if you have set your browser to automatically delete cookies and cache.
If that does not work try to restart your browser, pc, router, ect.
(also please take off/disable any adblocker and pop up blocker while using cookie clicker
some other extensions like ''SmoothScroll'' and ''MonsterDivx'' might also cause problems)
If you can't see/get golden cookies try this
If your game is frozen try this: Game.Loop() in the console.
If the game is lagging try turning off some things in settings (under menu)
It could also be your cache. If so you have to delete some.
Backup your save regularly. DO NOT CLEAR YOUR BROWSER COOKIES!
(*CCleaner is a program that will delete cookies if not told otherwise.)
Also make sure your browser is up to date.
You can also try to delete your local storage (Back-up your save first)
If nothing else works try to restore your browsers default settings. (Chrome.)

Tools and Add-Ons: keep window always on top | Cookie Monster | Riimu's Cookie Clicker Optimizer |
Cookie Master | More Add-Ons | (*i will not add auto clickers to this list)
Bookmark Script: Copy the JavaScript code and paste it into a Bookmark as the "URL" or "Location".
While you are on the Cookie Clicker page, click the Bookmark to load the add-on.

*I'm at my limit*
Part 2 Quote me at any point if you rly wanna see how this is put together.
[email protected]
I’m me and that’s that
GG = Good-Game
Does anyone still keep count? :
SOPA 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 | PIPA | ACTA

And if you need any help you can get it here: Part 1, Part 2, Read, DUPES, 2.0
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