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Have your name converted to a color flag!

ZyChromeZyChrome Posts: 858Member ✭✭✭
edited January 2016 in Off Topic
tell me a name, and i'll turn it into a flag representing that name. it can be any length.
be appropriate tho. longer names=more colors. to keep the thread short, as posts grow i will only keep the last 2 flags on display.

Here's how:
Go here:
Take the Binary and go here:
Take the Hex and open a new notepad document, counting by 6's hit enter at each hone, so you should have lines of 6 alphanumeric charecters, then count the number of exact 6 item lines, divide a new image into equal parts of that amount, next take each set of 6 and run it thru here:
next use the type tool to type "+" and whateer is left over, your image should look like mine.

My color flag: RYAN
Other: ZyChrome

I will be keeping up more often but can only work weekends
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