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Add a word

ZyChromeZyChrome Posts: 858Member ✭✭✭
edited August 2014 in Playground
Add Exactly One Word (With or Without Punctuation) To The Previous Post.
-Nothing NSFW
-Follow Forum Rules
-Be Cool About it, Don't Grunk It Up On Purpose.
-Avoid, (thought it's not prohibited) , Long Words.
-Try To Wrap Up Sentences Now And Then, No-one Likes Rambling Ongoing Endless Repetitive Annoying Sentences That Go On For Like Forever And Ever And Never Seem To End Ever And This Is An example.

Finished Sentences:
1. The Overpowering Cat Died. (finished)
2. Now The Awesome Saucijzenbroodje (dutch sausage roll) killed a fast man, so Kagamine Said Something Spectrophotofluorometrically and Everyone Died.
3. Jack & Nonsense Were Going The Other Direction Because They Praetertranssubstantiationalistically Like That Dinosaur Was Dead.
4. Some Old Retarded Pilots Who Died Due to Crashing Computer's Failure.
5. This new Pasta recipe capitalizes the first potato thingy.
6. Vocaloids are because of AntwN and his very amazing potion Circle9001's color.
7. If There's any Problem With Spamming Then You're Dead.
8. How Does Zuptin Always do Back-Flips Albeit a AntiAntiMatter Condenser When it's Summer in Hell on August 19th the sun for Sparta is Cool.
9. If you stop to die that horse dies in pain and death.

Current Sentence:
10. How do you do a videogame without eyes to notice quickscopes and react to glitches when you realize you typed the school

I update the list when i can, but i don't delete, so anything on here has (at least once) been on here when it reaches "finished sentence" status.
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