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Moving the Golden/Red cookie text

bryfurybryfury Posts: 135Member ✭✭
edited September 2013 in Suggestions
well, sometimes, when i'm playing, and i see a golden/red cookie and click it, i'm lookig at the achievements, or the upgrades, and when the words appear over there, it's really hard to know what wffect i got unless i scroll down or up to ge the text more visible.,or change to the ''menu'' tab.

this is a drawback, because when i get the x777 clicking frenzy, i don't know i got it until i scroll down to have a better look of the words, and i lose like 5 or 8 seconds doing this, leaving me with only 5 seconds to go crazy with my finger...

so, i suggest moving the text somewhere else more visible, like... in the center of the big cookie, or maybe, below the news text... idk :T
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