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SchiffySchiffy Posts: 3Member
edited October 2013 in General Discussion
So, from looking through the Screenshots thread on this board, there seems to be alot of these "thoughts" in the "life" sections. I plan to gather as many of them as possible with the help of other people, and maybe see if someone can't decipher the more gibberish ones. I'll start with the ones I found, and trace the path I took to get there, denoting which number of a certain tab I opened if there are multiple in a row

Path: Universe->Galactic Supercluster #2->Galaxy #2->Arm #1->Life
dodaph noiap digog.
nanug gmapneig'didap.
daiaph shmuth diri.

Xukoter->(There was no Thoughts tab)

noth dnaneig'gog.
dodadip deiap gluben.
nugsh sh dragog.

Exubuggler->(Once again, no Thoughts)

nugshna sk'iap shwadap.
daiad't nanuth glunap!

nanuph nod't dradap.

dodashna noglib dradap.
shmuph dnath miben.
dnag xledip shwaben.

shna daiash shwadap.
iap g dradap

gmapg sk'sh gluben.
nugth nugd't didap.

Now, I only just opened this, so I have not bothered to try and decode it. I don't know what sort of half-assed encryption system this is, but it's clever. So, I welcome people to share their own findings (especially these gibberish ones), and maybe see if any can be decoded.
"I have seen things that have driven other men to madness..."


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