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Cookie Clicker will not save

shadowgooeyshadowgooey Member Posts: 19
edited September 2013 in Help
For some reason, my Cookie Clicker is not saving, it keeps going back to the same point :/ even after a reset, it's kind of silly, anyone know a fix?


  • gekkepoesgekkepoes Member Posts: 7
    edited September 2013
    [Export save], copy the text and save it in notepad. If you open the game, copy/paste the text from notepad into the [Import save]

    (you find it in [menu] )

    It could be your browser removes all "cookie" data after closedown.

    I don't know if it is a good idea to change browser settings, if your browser works allright.
  • JacobMIXJacobMIX Member, Helpful, Flagger, Conversationalist Posts: 1,519 ✭✭✭
    If the game or save does not work: Try pressing F5.
    Also try and see if you have any programs or extensions that delete cookies and cache.
    And check if you have set your browser to automatically delete cookies and cache.
    If that does not work try to restart you browser, pc, router, ect.
    (also please take off/disable any adblocker and pop up blocker while using cookie clicker)
    And if the game is lagging try turning off some things in settings (under menu)
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  • shadowgooeyshadowgooey Member Posts: 19
    well it seems to be saving now, and like I said it goes back to the same point, so it's not a problem with deleting cookies, otherwise I would lose all progress. speaking of which, if I were to clear out my cookies while cookie clicker was running, then save it afterwards, will I keep my save? or is it best to just export save.
  • CatstacheCatstache Member Posts: 5
    Something somewhat similar is happening to me. I got the 100 cursors achievement, then I got the 200 cursors achievement and I made sure it saved. I had to refresh the page and once I did I was back to 100 cursors. The same thing happened to my Time Machines and Anti-Matter Condensers.
  • shadowgooeyshadowgooey Member Posts: 19
    I will be making sure to make an export save every time I need to close cookie clicker for whatever reason, I advise you to do the same.
  • shadowgooeyshadowgooey Member Posts: 19
    nope, it's actually not saving :/ it's being random as heck, so the only way I can save the game is export save, is there anyway to get the normal save to work again?
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