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Auto Golden Cookie Clicker

MilpsMilps Posts: 1Member
edited September 2013 in Suggestions
I think it would be neat to be able to buy a (Legit) auto golden cookie clicker maybe you would need to have clicked 50 golden cookies already and cost you 500 billion? 1 trillion? Comes with achievement idler's dream?


  • SighSigh Posts: 96Member
    50 is way too few, maybe a thousand clicked. It'd also be way too OP to click every single GC, perhaps the upgrade could instead have a chance to automatically click a GC every time it spawns, like, say, a 10% chance? That way it still keeps you checking while actively playing, but if you leave your computer on while you sleep you'll at least get a dozen or so clicked every few hours.
  • varkarursvarkarurs Posts: 17Member
    I saw the title and immediately thought "yeah it should do it on a percentage basis," glad to see someone thinks like me.
  • The_Wise_CookieThe_Wise_Cookie Posts: 110Member
    This has been posted many times before. Please use the search function to avoid "DUPE" threads :p

    It's ok, seems like you are new to the forums, enjoy your stay! :D

    By the way, I support the idea if it's properly balanced.
    Hey you! Look at my Profile Pic. That's me and some friends :P
    I'm the one at the center. The cookie with more chips ;D

  • 1234abcdcba43211234abcdcba4321 Posts: 6,803Member, Friendly, Flagger, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2013
    These would click the cookie when it disappears, not when it appears.
    They have to be bought in order.
    7 GCs, 77,777,777,777 cookies; 2% chance
    27 GCs, 2,777,777,777,777 cookies; 8% chance
    77 GCs, 77,777,777,777 cookies; 28% chance
    777 GCs, 17,777,777,777,777 cookies; 90% chance
    7777 GCs, 1,777,777,777,777,777 cookies; 50% chance when appears, 100% chance when disappears

    Auto-click one golden cookie.
    Auto-click 7 golden cookies.
    Auto-click 77 golden cookies.
    Auto-click 777 golden cookies.
    Auto-click 7777 golden cookies. (shadow)
    Auto-click 7777 golden cookies when they appear. (shadow)
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