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ClickLoader, the game where you Download, Upload and sell Uploads

XxInFeRKiLLxXXxInFeRKiLLxX Member Posts: 3
edited February 2015 in Games - Old
In this game u download -> upload -> sell uploads, you depend of downloads for make uploads and uploads to sell uploads, all constructions are purchased by Cash, this is not valid for the upgrades because they are purchased by Downloads/Upgrades/Cash, depending of the type of upgrade.

I created this game in 1 day, i hope u like it and if u have a idea for a achievement/construction/upgrade u can send it in the comment box.
Link to the game:

P.S: Sorry if my english is bad, im not native from USA lol

P.P.S: Because i can't post links u need to input the URL of the game manually, sorry for that D:


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