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Luri drawings

TelluriumTellurium Posts: 5,358Friendly, Cool, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist, Turquoise Mod
edited October 2018 in Off Topic
Sep 2016: My best art and all notable art I do after this can be found in my deviantart gallery.
Below is the original Feb 2015 OP of the thread and an archive of all my dashnet-related art.


I'm making this to be a collection of all my art that I've posted here up to this point, and a place to post/discuss/whatever the art I make after this. (I made a New Year's resolution to draw more!)

A couple of the below drawings have only been posted in PMs before now.

Collection of art by Tellurium (bold = large effort):

(2011-2013) Pony drawings for friends' birthdays: Fluttershy - Fluttershy II - Pinkie party tank - Rainbow Dash

(2014-10-30) Halloween celebration image
(2014-11-24) Pencil drawing of my personified positive and negative sides
(2014-11-28) OT6 pony pixel art
(2014-12-13) Christmas Lyra avatar
(2014-12) I need to scan: Christmas illustrations for my mom and grandma... >_>
(2014-12) OT6 Christmas presents: Dasie - Shyli - Satty - Gouchy

(2015-01-07) 17th birthday cake
(2015-01) First sketches with graphics tablet: Pony - Pony II (Gouchy 1k awesomes) - Anthro pony - Sketch 4
(2015-01-21) Pony for DarkSoul1800's birthday
(2015-01-24) Pencil illustration for my grandma's birthday
(2015-01-27) Pixel art signature image
(2015-02-07) Luri II
(2015-02-09) Rarity profile pic for Sparky's alt
(2015-02-14) Valentine's Day Luri
(2015-02-17) Sad Luri
(2015-03-01) Sparky & his rake
(2015-03-07) Birthday pencil drawing for my mom
(2015-03-18) BurntCookie birthday pony (BC cake)
(2015-04-08) CWS birthday cake
(2015-04-12) Sparky birthday present (Sparky cake)
(2015-04-14) Dasie birthday present
(2015-04-19) 1st Luriversary image
(2015-05-23) A quickly/sloppily drawn Luri
(2015-06-06) Gouchnox birthday present (Gouchy cake)
(2015-06-07) First quick drawing in SAI (random pony)
(2015-06-17) Kirdneh cake
(2015-06-21) Cookiefanclub return/birthday present (Flat version)
(2015-07-02) Birthday pony for IRL friend
(2015-07-06) Luri pony 2.1 (2.0)
(2015-07-30) Shylight birthday pony (Shyli cake)
(2015-08-15) Entry for MLP forum drawing contest
(2015-08-30) Luri avatar #4
(2015-09-15) Depressive Luri thing (Related sketch)
(2015-11) Series of real-life sketches requested by forumers (2-4, 7 - 1, 5-9)
(2015-12) Series of 21 drawings of forumers and a comic page, counting down to Christmas
(2016-01-01) Luri #6
(2016-03-15) Post with some silly sketchbook stuff and older character sketches
(2016-04-15) DasBloody birthday present
(2016-04-22) 2nd Luriversary image

If it looks like I forgot about some of my own art, remind me of the drawing(s) in question. :P
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