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(Unofficial) What idle games have you beaten?

JacobMIXJacobMIX Member, Helpful, Flagger, Conversationalist Posts: 1,519 ✭✭✭
edited April 2016 in Off Topic

My list is still growing:

Cookie clicker (Lost save so no picture of having everything.. Yet)
Candy box (Beat this... Might replay for picture)
Candy box 2 (Also beat this... Might replay for picture)
Candy Clicker (Replaying so i'll have a picture soon)
DrMeth (I've done all the meth) Pic: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Note: cheated the donate achievement with this: createCookie("donate","2",30); (btw f*ck that 30 combo)
Loot Clicker (Beaten even with the game running at 1-5 FPS) Pics: 1
Gold and Gems [Candy box with graphics... Shutdown though] (Beat this a while back)
Poopie Clicker (Me, and my friend made this one... And of course i tested it)
dsucker [NSFW] (Remember beating this... Yep)
Brawlhalla: Cassidy's Cupcakes (April fools mini-game) Pics 1 2
*Have more, but will update later*

Playing (to beat for the first time):
MrMine (Beat before, but it's been updated)
castle [xkcd sand castle idle game thing] (Gonna take a while to beat this one 100%)

No end/goal/100%/achievements/ect:
Progress Quest (Still playing as well)
Dripstat (Got my JVMs running.. But no end... Still playing)
Ice Cream Stand (Playing... Though since my save is so old it seems to have a few problems)
Kaguya Table: The Expansion (Not really playing anymore)

Note: This is without hacks, and such (Will hack if there's a thing you can ONLY get by cheating, or using money)
I know there aren't many pictures right now. That will change soon though. (Many of these will probably be here)
Also Alpha/Beta, and idle game maker games will probably not be here... Maybe. (On my list anyway)
Yep another "Unofficial" thread... Been thinking of making this one for a while... Don't know why i never did.

Post yours below! :P
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