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How to get an easy to use pony emoticon pack

ShylightShylight Posts: 6,436Moderator, Friendly, Helpful, Flagger Mod
edited January 2015 in Off Topic
So, today I want to offer you a great customizable emoticon pack that can be used on pretty much any site that supports embedding images. Are you tired of copying and pasting image codes from different sites whenever ":3" is just not enough to show all range of your emotions? image Are you ready to begin expressing yourself with almost 8000 colourful pony pictures? image Then proceed! image

• Google Chrome (not really necessary, but the translations it provides will make things much easier. And no, translating via Google Translate doesn't work)
• Userscript engine.
• FireFox — GreaseMonkey
• Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc… — TamperMonkey
• IE — what the fuck is wrong with you?! image Here's couple of solutions.

First of all, open this link in your Chrome. You should see something like this, after you agree to translate the page:

Looks confusing? image Don't worry, I'll guide you through it. First of all, click that "List sites" button and enter* there. You can also add any other sites you want to use your pack on. (If you skip this step, you'll be able to access the smilies on every site that allows you to enter text) Now, let's click on "Add a new section".

Quite simple, right? Enter a name (I wouldn't really bother too much with it unless you want some really in-depth cataloguing system) and choose an icon. Then click "Add". Now you have an option to add a category. These are more important. Now, before we proceed any further, let me explain just what the difference between a section and a category is.

As you can see, sections are a tad harder to switch between than categories, and probably should be avoided unless you want to use extremely large amount of emoticons. Then it'd make sense to separate them either by the character or the mood. For the sake of our tutorial (and my sanity image) I'm going to avoid sections like a plague.

Now, let's add our first category! I'm going to dedicate the first one of this tutorial to the Princess of the Night. You feel free to choose whatever you want. Now that all the preparations are out of the way, let's finally get to business! We can finally fill up our first category with adorable Luna emotes to use whenever we want to! How do we do that? Well, do you see that MLP logo in the lower left corner? Click it.

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A whole lot of different subcategories! Feel free to explore them, or simply proceed to the one corresponding to pony you've chosen. Luna is, unsurprisingly, in Alicorn category. Adding emotes themselves is really easy — just click on them. When you've filled your category with emotes you liked make a new one and repeat the process until you've run out of emotes you'd use.

After that, comes the moment of truth. Click on "Downlad" button and you should get your emoticon set. Now, depending on what browser you use, you'll either see TamperMonkey installation window

Just click "Install" and reload the forum.
or something like this:

In this case right click on the link and copy link address. Then go to your main browser, paste it into address bar and go to it. Your userscript handler should kick in at this point.

Now the next time you decide to write something here, you'll see a MLP logo in the top right corner of the text box. Click it and you'll enable the emoticons. The only other thing you'll have to do is to click the arrow on the right and choose "HTML" (refer to a picture of categories and sections if you're confused)

Feel free to ask me if something goes wrong or I did a bad job explaining stuff.

P.S. Unfortunately, there's no EQG in this pack
P.P.S. Now Shiny is really going to kill me…

XOXO image
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