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Gender decisions question

NotsalonyNotsalony Posts: 2Member
I'm working on a generator for a random drop for a holiday item I give my players at my D&D table and having a program making all the random rolls for me is easier then having loads of dice rolls as the DM. So I've been coding this generator that's rather big, and testing out areas as I go along and I ran into a tiny snag when testing the gender assignment in a statement.

man {pronoun:he}{owner:his}{other:husband}{group:men}{plu:him}
woman {pronoun:she}{owner:her}{other:wife}{group:women}{plu:her}

[#Name] history is shrouded in myth, legend, and not a little insanity. Born the only [gender,#gender] in [#gender,as owner] village, [#gender,as pronoun] quickly set about burning the town to the grond by the age of [2-4] using dangerously advanced magics. A mage of considerable skill [#gender,as pronoun] went on to leave a wake of misery, dispair, tragety, and morning in [#gender,as owner] wake, until the day that [#gender,as pronoun] met the [gender,#gen1] who would be [#gender,as owner] [#gen1,as other], they had many happy long years together bringing untold horror upon all who met them, till the day [#gender,as pronoun] lost [#gender,as owner] [#gen1,as other]; [#gen1,as pronoun] died by a poisoned blue berry tart [#gen1,as pronoun] was making for [#gen1,as owner] [#gender,as other], [#gender,as pronoun] sent the rest of [#gender,as owner] life in abject sorrow at the loss of [#gen1,as owner].

It always sets the gender of the second character as the exact opposite of the first character's gender. I was wondering if I'm coding something wrong or if I need to include a coding scheme that allows for variant gender preferences so instead of calling gender into question for a second character, it calls aspects from a list of gay, straight, bi, ect and uses the pronouns and such from the options on that list.

Any help would be useful. Thank you.


  • MasterSparkyMasterSparky Posts: 14,633Member, Internet Detective, Helpful, Flagger, Idle Game Master, Conversationalist ✭✭✭✭✭✭
  • NotsalonyNotsalony Posts: 2Member
    edited January 2015

    According to Orteil, Random Gen always tries to never generate the same thing twice in the same generator. I don't know much about the tool, as I've never made a generator, but duplicating the $gender list with a different name like $gender2, and using that for the second person might work.

    That's what I thought. I tried that. Tried even having them be completely different names like dave and jane. I even created a complicated decision tree that gave it a 75% chance of turning out same gendered responses. In the end, if there was anything but 1 option, the generator always takes the second option. While I can understand the need to keep it from generating the same thing twice, in fact knowing that goes to great lengths to help me in other endeavors.

    But since I'm allowing players to choose their character's sexuality and do have some same sex coupling going on, I wanted to offer the same to my generator. I'll have to simply put a kind of notice in to let me know to swap gender on the second party then if it wont let me change the generated case directly.

    Thank you for your help.
  • sc0richsc0rich Posts: 1Member
    I know it's not much, but check out thyme's civilization generator source. (?i=F2Mr0PqW) There's a line in there called "$genderp" where he lists not only men and woman, but also males and females. what I'm thinking is that you copy the proper brackets to their respective secondary term, and the generator should be able to re-use the terms for the second choice if possible.
    while it would make same-sex storylines half as likely (as, say, "women" have the option to deal with the opposite sex twice ["males" and "men"] but only the same sex once ["females"]), I know it works in the code because on the generator's thread the last comment complains about men wooing males. the line in question goes "[genderp] woo [genderp] by (making/giving something)" so sometimes it'll say men woo women or males woo females, but sometimes, it gives a line that says females woo women or men woo males. Just a noobie's opinion; because I'm just starting to figure out what all commands are possible. really hoping there's an if-then command or at least syntax commands. (why if-then? I want to build a city generator, and I want the leader titles and name utility generator choices to correspond with a randomly chosen culture...its for pathfinder)
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