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[PROJECT] MM6 Boxart Panel Collab

CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Member, Flagger Posts: 16,226 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2015 in Off Topic

This is a silly art project I'm gonna be working on that needs you guys.

The Idea
Basically, each of us draws a separate part, or "panel", of the box-art. And when combined, it should look special, or really dumb. It'll make the contrasted style apparent, too.

Things you need to know
1. You don't need to be good at art to enter! All you need to do is replicate the panel. A layering program (even Paint.NET!) can suffice for this, as you can simply trace. Seriously, you can trace. This is every DA user's dream right here, something they can get away with using bad art tactics.
2. You can slip in little visual jokes with this! That's actually part of the reason for this, to see how the dumb jokes combine.
3. Only one panel per user! If this proves to make it hard to complete, then I will make it 2, but no more then that.
4. The top picture up there is updated every 5 panels! Self-explanatory.

Want to submit a panel?
Well, tell me which panel first. How many right and how many down from the very top right, that is. If you wanted the very bottom right, you'd say that it's the panel 4 right, and 5 down.

Once you pick a panel, shoot me a PM and tell me which one, and I can crop it's specific panel out for you.

Once you finish your panel, just PM me the result, and then I can stick it up.

Panels Availability
10/20 free
10/20 taken

7/20 in progress
3/20 finished
  • 1 right, 1 down: free
  • 2 right, 1 down: free
  • 3 right, 1 down: free
  • 4 right, 1 down: free
  • 1 right, 2 down: free
  • 2 right, 2 down: free
  • 3 right, 2 down: taken (finished by me!)
  • 4 right, 2 down: taken (in progress by @kenmario)
  • 1 right, 3 down: taken (in progress by @Dont_question)
  • 2 right, 3 down: taken (in progress by @DasBloody‌)
  • 3 right, 3 down: taken (in progress by @Shylight)
  • 4 right, 3 down: taken (in progress by @DarthCookie)
  • 1 right, 4 down: taken (in progress by @Layla)
  • 2 right, 4 down: free
  • 3 right, 4 down: taken (finished by @Lennonluiz0907)
  • 4 right, 4 down: free
  • 1 right, 5 down: free
  • 2 right, 5 down: taken (in progress by @MasterSparky)
  • 3 right, 5 down: free
  • 4 right, 5 down: taken (finished by @Uiomancant)
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