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Frick, Let's Shit A Brick - A Short IGM Game by Darky

DarkyDarky Posts: 958Member, Friendly, Cool, Funny ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2018 in Games - Old
Frick, Let's Shit A Brick


On December 28th 2014, I posted "Frick, Let's Shit A Brick"!
Then I had the idea to make a game about it!
And here it is!

Its nothing special you just:
Walk around a city or something and pick up a newspaper and get a job and make Money and buy a bike and go to a shop and buy a cellphone and call your friend Frick and at the end you two just shit bricks!

The Game

Version 1.2


16/02/2018 - Final touches - 1.2

- Graphic Update (Achievement and Upgrade Icons were updated with the graphics that were supposed to come out with the 2.0 Update)

25/02/2015 - Better-looking Bricks - 1.1

- Graphic Update (updated the Clickables Graphics)

29/12/2014 - More Money for Shitting - 1.0.1
- You now make 5 Euros per click
- Shop is now cheaper

29/12/2014 - Let's start that Shit! - 1.0

- Release of "Frick, Let's Shit A Brick"

What's coming next?

For this one: Nothing.
But its not the end of Frick and Marcus.
I'm currently (16/02/2018) working on the "New IGM Edition" with all new Buildings, Upgrades,
It's pretty much an idle game BUT with more story (yea, this story isn't over yet, I wanna finish it)

This Game was made by Darky
© Darky 2014-2018

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