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High Score Challenge!

SoulmaneSoulmane Posts: 71Member ✭✭✭
edited July 2015 in Playground
Hello, everyone! I would like to say that I'm creating a leader-board for games I would like for you to play! I won't be giving off a list of games all at once, but will announce a game every week. The one with the highest score by the end of the week (or after seven days, we'll just see how this works out), will receive a prize. What that prize will be is unknown as of yet, so if you guys want to give some suggestions, my ears are open.

Also, to prove your high score: you must take a screenshot of your high score, along with notepad or something on the screen with your username on it.

Current game is: Helicopter Game

Helicopter Game High Scores:
1. lennonluiz0907 - 837

Mouse and Guns High Scores:
1. lennonluiz0907 - 0:50
2. Idler - 0:50
3. ExplodingCamel - 0:54

Robot Unicorn Attack High Scores: (Needs Update)
1. greydragon412 - 68928
2. lennonluiz0907 - 67194
3. BurntCookie - 49858

One More Line High Scores:
1. lennonluiz0907 - 111
2. Vini - 92
3. ExplodingCamel - 50

Flappy Bird High Scores:
1. ExplodingCamel - 25
2. MasterSparky - 14
3. Vini - 12

Hexagon High Scores:
1. Orcaguy - 493:28
2. LunaticLunarian - 454:08
3. ExplodingCamel - 247:34
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