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Rap Battle!

DarthCookieDarthCookie Posts: 5,558Moderator, Friendly, Helpful, Flagger, Conversationalist Mod
edited January 2015 in Playground
Inspired by the following activity comment by @kirdneh‌:
kirdneh said:

And try to make sure that your rhymes aren't lame
Because to gain yourself some internet fame
You've got to be really cool, and have no shame
Cause I don't know how to rap, but that's okay
And every word that I say is so cliché
But I have a few words left in my repartee
My name is Kirdneh, and I'm here to stay.

So, uh, basic rules are:
1) Your lines must rhyme in some sort of fashion, (or you could record yourself rapping it, then no one can dispute the epicness)
2) Swears are fine, but try not to use them every line 'cause then they're just a crutch ;P
3) There will be insults, but it is all in good fun; you can't battle rap without insulting the other person. (Unless you are Jack the Ripper, apparently).
4) I guess I didn't say this, but please don't post stuff that's been posted elsewhere. The fun is in the writing and the rebuttals.


I'm a certified nutcase
Here to put ya in your place
So buckle up
Strap in
'Fore I leave you in my wake.

I spit shit faster than you can comprehend
And in the end
Before you can even understand what I'm saying
I'm slaying; quick shot to the heart
And this battle is over before it even starts.
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